9 Personalized Gifts to Order Now

Everyone likes a gift that they know was selected just for them with a lot of love. There is no better way to say, “When I saw this it had your name written all over it!” than to actually have a gift made just for them. We have rounded up some of the best personalized gifts around to remove all doubt that a gift has been re-gifted.  The only catch is you can't expect a two-day delivery turn-around. Give yourself at least a week to order any of these gifts (and the more time the better).  
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Personalized Books:  Is there any child who does not want to be the star of their own book? Check out Wonderbly that allows you to customize a book not just with your child's name, but also their gender and likeness. Options range from a Where's Waldo style book starring your child's look-alike to the bestselling The Girl (or Boy) Who Lost Her Name to books where your child can Save Christmas or visit Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory.   

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A Poster of the Sky from the Night They Were Born:  Every child wants to feel as though they are the most special person in the world.  Allow your child to fall asleep at night staring at a print of the most beautiful sky in the world – the stars just as they looked the night they were born.  These custom Craft & Oak posters of the starry sky on a date of your choice can be further customized with a name or special message. Optional frames can also be added.  You can also order custom coordinating city maps, coordinate posters, and initial posters.  

Custom Weighted Blanket:  Weighted blankets for all ages from tots through teens and grown-ups are all the rage for good reason. Once used mostly to help children with special needs sleep better, it is now widely believed that weighted blankets can help everyone get more and better shut-eye by providing a deep-pressure touch that is calming and grounding in much the same way as hugs are.  These Mosaic Weighted Blankets can be ordered to be completely customized from the ideal blanket weight for each user to the size of the blanket to the design available to match any room or just plain to go in a duvet cover.  

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Jewelry:  Kids and Moms all love jewelry! But, it's even better when the jewelry is made just for them. Check out these beautiful options from Isabelle Grace with options to fit any size and style. Personalize necklaces, charms, and bracelets with names, initials, dates, gems, birthstones, symbols, and more.   


Sports Equipment Just for You: Wilson can customize basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, baseball gloves and more. Choose a favorite team logo or personalize with the name and favorite colors of your favorite player (or fan).  

Teethers:  Even babies like to get one-of-a-kind gifts. Check out Qalo with customizable teethers. Have the only baby on the block with her name emblazoned on her teether! Teethers also come in pretty shapes and colors, including a dog tag, so they can be worn with love by Mom and Dad.  They also make customizable silicone rings for grown-ups.  

Blankets for Babies and Families:  When winter strikes, be ready with a gorgeous Sherpa blanket available in a variety of colors and sizes from baby blankets to family blankets. Rather than a just a plain label, these blankets can be personalized with a child's name, family, name, saying, or date. Custom blankets start at under $40.00.  

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Custom Pillows: Are all pillows the same? The answer is a resounding NO! These pillows aren't customized with a name, but rather are customized to sleep type. Is there a child or grown-up in your life who always gets too hot at night?  Too cold? Sleeps on their back or tummy? There's a pillow for that. Bedgear pillows take you through a series of questions to ask how you like to sleep and how firm you like your pillow before finding one that's “just right.” Good for any kid or adult who could use a better night's sleep.

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Shoes:  These shoes from Skor for moms and dads can be completely personalized. Choose a color, then add a pattern, photo, or text.  Stars, polka-dots, plaid, rainbows, or anything you can dream up can be put on these shoes.  Plus, they are comfortable and durable.  

Do you know about other great personalized gifts? Let us know in the comments!  

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9 Personalized Gifts to Order Now

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