Can a Baby Monitor Make You a Better Parent?

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Getting newborns and little people to go to sleep is a nightmare. And for some new parents, there's an added anxiety of not knowing what's going on inside your baby's crib. 

Enter the baby monitor. 

Baby monitors aren't anything, new. They've actually been around since 1937, the first one being called a “Radio Nurse.” So yes, parental anxiety in reference to the goings on in cribs is older than a lot of our parents. 

That anxiety has carried itself into the lives of modern parents and is entering the realm of technology where the possibilities of surveillance are endless. Because, I mean, why on earth would you want a baby monitor that only lets you listen in on the crib activities? Wouldn't you want a baby monitor that measured your baby's pulse, took note of the temperature in the room, let you know if your baby had rolled over or moved, and told you what your baby's mood was when he or she woke up? (Like you need technology to tell you that. Fussiness is able to be smelled.)

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Well, if you are interested if any of  those somewhat unnecessary features, you can shell out $250 for the “world's smartest baby monitor” made by Sproutling. According to TechCrunch, $2.6 million went into creating a wearable baby monitor that has the sole purpose of “raising parenting IQ and relieving stress.”

How does it relieve stress? Well, if you strap this thing to your baby's ankle (which is going to be an issue in and of itself), the baby monitor will eventually be able to pick up on your baby's sleep patterns. With that sort of knowledge, the monitor will tell you through a mobile app when your baby is going to wake up, what the ideal room temperature is for your baby to get a decent amount of rest, and what level of noise will be disruptive to your baby.

Pretty cool, right? That would be pretty nice to sneak a peak at your iPhone and realize that you still had 37 minutes until your little guy was going to start squawking from his crib. You know how much you could get done in 37 minutes? If I knew I had 37 minutes to do something, I would spend that time doing one thing: napping.

What do you guys think? Is this worth the  money, or is this completely unnecessary?

Let us know! 

What do you think?

Can a Baby Monitor Make You a Better Parent?

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  1. Tosha says:

    I think that it is a nice idea because I would be able to tell everything about my baby and whether the baby is too cold; too hot etc. but I kind of feel uncomfortable with the fact that it says this monitor can read exactly when your baby will wake up, which makes me wonder how exactly is this monitor working to detect these things in my child’s brain? I do not like that idea.

  2. Gabriela says:

    Yes, I agree with Dianne. If you have something to do in other room is very important to can hear your baby 🙂

  3. Dianne says:

    I think a baby monitor makes you more alert while in another room, especially because you are able to take the monitor with you to keep an ear out for your baby.


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