The Newborn Who Came Back to Life on His Mom’s Chest

After working years as an OB, I never fully entered into the delivery room without fearing, in the back of my mind, the worst outcome that a birth could have with a baby passing away. 

I never had to encounter an emergency or a baby born lifeless, and I'm so grateful for that, but I know it happens. 

And when it happened to Kate and David Ogg, they were heartbroken — but they didn't expect what happened next. 

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After trying for three years to have a baby, Kate explains in her emotional video on YouTube, she and her husband were overjoyed to be expecting twins. “We were super excited to be having two babies,” Kate said. 

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However, when she went into labor at only 26 weeks along, Kate describes it as the most terrifying experience of her life. When the babies were born, Kate and her husband were eager to find out what sex their babies were, as they hadn't been able to tell since the babies were premature. 

After learning they were parents to both a son and a daughter, the doctor carefully asked Kate if they had chosen a name of their son. “Yes, Jamie,” they replied. “His name is Jamie.”

At that, the doctor sat on the edge of the bed and told the anxious parents that Jamie hadn't made it. 

“I just grabbed the baby from the doctor and unwrapped him,” relates Kate. “And I ordered David to get his clothes off and to get into bed with me because I wanted as much body heat as possible around him because he was cold. I wanted him to be warm and alive.” 

The parents held their son close, putting his skin to their skin and his ear to his mother's heart, and they talked to him about his sister, about how much they loved him, and about the plans they had for his life. 

Incredibly, the baby on their chest suddenly started to move. The midwives assured the parents that the baby was actually just passing away, but they refused to stop holding him and watched in amazement as the baby opened his eyes and grabbed his father's finger. 

Today, the twins are 5 years old, and their parents haven't stopped the hugs that breathed life into their son. “Sometimes, I think I hug them too tight,” laughs Kate. “Because I know how close I came to not having children.”

Watch the amazing video here

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The Newborn Who Came Back to Life on His Mom’s Chest

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