Newborn Baby Boy Flushed Down Toilet is Recovering

baby flushed down the toilet
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A baby boy, believed to be just 2 days old, was found lodged in a sewer pipe that was only 4 inches in diameter in a bathroom in China last weekend. It looks like the baby was flushed down the toilet.

The child was discovered on Saturday when residents of the apartment complex said they could hear a baby’s cries through the pipes called firefighters in Jinhua City, Zhejiang province. This is so bizarre to me. I have heard of cats and birds being caught in the walls of apartment complexes but the fact that these residents heard the newborn in the sewage pipes is horrifying, yet simply amazing to me. 

When emergency crews arrived on the scene they could see the baby’s head far down inside the toilet duct, but were unable to reach down far enough to pull baby out. Rescuers had to cut the pipe free, remove the section of the pipe with the baby stuck in it, and take him to a hospital where doctors used pliers and a saw to free him.

The mother of the child is believed to have been found and at the hospital with her child who is recovering from his injuries. He was in critical condition when he arrived but has since stabilized. 

I understand being desperate; but put the baby up for adoption, use birth control or abstain from sex. Don’t flush a living human being down the toilet. That is attempted murder.

I cannot fathom flushing your living newborn baby down a toilet and walking away like he is a piece of sewage. He is a living, breathing human being with emotions and understanding. He may not be old enough to understand what is happening, but I believe even the smallest child can feel fear when flushed down a toilet or abandonment when being trapped all alone. These people sicken me.

The worst part of all of this is that one day this boy will know his story. He will know that no one wanted him and tried to dispose of him by flushing him down the drain like a goldfish. 

I'm not sure what the future holds for this mother and child, based on the reports of her being with him at the hospital, it seems unclear,  but she obviously is not fit to be around her little boy and should be held accountable. 

**Story Update**  Since the publishing of this post, new reports have come out that the woman who called police regarding the child in the pipe is, in fact, the mother of the child. She gave birth to the baby in the toilet, which was not a flush toilet, the baby then slipped down the drain. When she could not reach him, she called for help. It has also been reported that she wished to initially have an abortion but could not afford one.  It is unclear if she intended for this child to be harmed.

What do you think – was she just desperate due to the strict rules in China – should she be given a chance or be jailed?  


What do you think?

Newborn Baby Boy Flushed Down Toilet is Recovering

Deborah Cruz, @TruthfulMommy, is the creator of The TRUTH about Motherhood, an often humorous and brutally honest look at motherhood. She's a writer, a wife, and a work-at-home Mommy who's trying to do it all well. She live in the Midwest with her 2 little girls and her husband. She has a lot of degrees from a bunch of schools but mostly spends her days shuttling people under the age of 7, while trying to maintain her sanity and she wouldn't have it any other way. She talks a lot. She ... More

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  1. Rocio says:

    Made me tear up! :'( What kind of human being would do that? I think she should be held accountable for this lock her up.


    I think she should be accountable for her actions. I some how don’t believe she had the baby in a not flush toilet that sounds like al cop out. She really needs help. That is truely heart breaking. She could have just given that baby away to someone that would have given it a happy home & gave it love & every thing it could ever needed & wanted.

  3. Michelle says:

    Its heartbreaking to hear about this childs story. How do you deal with the guilt of it… So very sad. All life should be cherished, whether its male or female.. All life is sacred.

  4. Surah says:

    OK. This article is inappropriately titled, first of all. Secondly, this is a boy, so there is no problems of having a girl. Thirdly, when was this article updated? There are many people commenting here without reading the entire post, let alone the update. (If your comments were submitted before the update, then I understand you couldn’t have known).

  5. Pat says:

    China as well as North Korea as well as every other country is anti-woman. Just look at the ways the US discriminate against women. When a country can decide how many children you are allowed to have it is the government interfering with the rights of women to have or not have a child. Yes, this woman may have wanted to have an abortion (probably was young and single as well as scared), but she did call for help and evidently loves the child as she was with him at the hospital. She should try to leave China and come to the US. She would have had to face anti-abortion groups in the US, but so far there isn’t a shut down of all clinics that provide this service.

    • Surah says:

      I’m just guessing that if she didn’t have money for an abortion, she probably couldn’t afford to come to the US. I could imagine how horrifying that must be, to stand there powerless while her newborn slides down a (non-flushing) toilet. I think her abortion fact is something coming back to haunt her at a VERY bad time. Skeletons have a way of doing that.

  6. Cait says:

    There is a documentary on NETFLIX I think it sheds some light on these situations. It called “It’s a girl” Don’t watch if you don’t think you can emotionally handle looking into the minds of the people who do these types of things. I watched a woman who has killed 8 of her babies because they were girls and it is accepted there.

    • Pat says:

      Yep, Cail or is it Gail – my guess is that is is a country in the mid-east. They regulate every thing a woman can do right down to the kind of clothes they can wear. However, my guess would be that the woman was told to kill her 8 girls because to a lot of countries, it is only boys that count. Talk about discrimination against women. Our government as well as many people in the country are getting worse every day in its anti-women stand. We need Gloria Steinem back to lead another women’s rights movement. I would not judge this woman for her actions – my bet is that it was her husband and government demanded she get rid of the girls – they no doubt are saying “why can’t she have a human being called a boy” or some such malarkey.

  7. chloe says:

    How could he have been 2 days old if she called for help right after?!?

  8. uyanga says:

    this is so crazy chineses people are crazyr

  9. Kara says:

    @Deborah Cruz I and I am sure many others would strongly disagree with your statement that “The worst part of all of this is that one day this boy will know his story. He will know that no one wanted him and tried to dispose of him by flushing him down the drain like a goldfish.” It is not that nobody wanted this child, just that his mother is a worthless piece of crap who should have been the who that was flushed down the toilet and lodged in the sewer pipe. Do you even know if she gave anyone else the opportunity to take this innocent, beautiful child in? In my opinion the worst part of this all is that one day this child will grow up and possibly read article such as yours that makes these suggestions.

  10. Yazmin says:

    Woman with cruel intentions for their own child should not be even get a chance to conceive. She should be punished.

  11. gabrielle says:

    hell no . that’s messed up

  12. Dana says:

    That’s absolutely terrible. I cant believe anyone would do that…

  13. Jasmine says:

    This made me cry :'(

  14. Niki says:

    It’s unbelievable

  15. milrene says:

    Wow lost for words! 🙁

  16. Joe says:

    I can’t believe how ignorant some of you people are you people literally don’t know squat about Asian toilets
    are NOTHING!!! like the toilets you’ll find in the U.S they are basically a large hole in the floor that you squat over to do your business in and some of them you have to pour in water from a bucket to flush
    here are a few links to show you ignorant folks what toilets look like in most of Asia and parts of Europe as well
    but I bet none of you will come down off of your high horses to even look at any of them
    this one shows just what a screwed up a country china is

  17. Khou says:

    I find the mother hard to believe. Like in the article, there is adoption and birth control. Better yet, don’t have sex. An automatic flusher, maybe. But a toilet that you have to flush? Can’t be. I don’t see how anyone can carry a child inside them for so long and just do that to them. I hope for the baby to be put in a better place than with the mother. She needs some help.

  18. gfeld says:

    I don’t believe the mom. Why didn’t she call the police at all when it happened? She didn’t want the baby, end of story. I hope the baby will be raised in a stable, loving home away from its mother.

  19. tp4ever says:

    I am glad he is recovering and hope he gets placed in a loving home.

  20. Lindsey says:

    I don’t know if the woman should be sent to jail, it depends on if she meant to “get rid” of the baby that way on purpose or if it was just a horrible accident. But, I do believe that the baby should not stay with her! Obviously she is not equipped to care for an infant mentally or emotionally.

  21. JessiLoveday says:

    Thank you for posting this. At least if wasn’t full of the personal opinion of the author.

  22. JessiLoveday says:

    I can’t stand this biased writing. Keep your damn opinion to yourself and write the facts. If you want to give your 2 cents do it in the comments like everyone else.

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