Are You Expecting Again in the New Year? How Can You Prepare for Baby #2?

Are you getting ready to welcome Baby #2 in the New Year? Some people take a ton of classes and read a ton of books to prepare for the arrival of their first child. But what about preparing for Baby #2? What should we do, as parents and a family, to prepare ourselves for having a second baby?
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Many people think Baby #2 will be a lot like having Baby #1 again … kind of forgetting about the whole “busy toddler on top of it all” thing! So Baby #2 often rocks people. A few good ideas from other parents of two children include:

Make meals.

Make as many meals as you can ahead of time so that you don’t find yourself scrambling for a meal. Frozen, prepped in the fridge, anything that makes it easier for you and your family.

Spend money on cleaning.

Squirrel away some money for a cleaning lady so that you can focus on your little ones.

Date nights. 

Try to get some date nights as soon as you (and baby) are up for it. This will help you and your partner reconnect and maintain a little sanity. 

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Take a class. 

Many parents like to have a refresher infant/child CPR class, just to stay up to date.

Let go of the guilt. 

This pregnancy won't be the same as your first, but that's okay. You don't have to plan the perfect nursery or record every moment of your pregnancy to love this new baby. Enjoy the moments you can and rest when you can and try not to worry about comparing too much. 

Grab a seat. 

While you may not have needed a bouncy seat or swing with your first baby, it can be really convenient to have one with your second baby. Just having a safe, comfy, and fun place to set Baby #2 down while you help out Not-Such-a-Baby-Anymore #1 with whatever they need.

Two is better than one. 

Double strollers can be lifesavers, depending on the age difference between your two babies.

Call on friends and family. 

Invite over family and friends to help out! They can entertain your older child, help around the house, play with the new baby, whatever you need! (As long as they are there to actually help, of course!) Helping hands make the transition from one baby to two much easier. 

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Read (or listen) up. 

Spend some time reading (or if your prefer, listening) a bit on siblings to help them and you with the transition. Lots of podcasts can tackle the subject, and there’s always reading material available.

Get Dad in the game. 

Find ways for Dad to bond! With the new baby, and with your firstborn.

Even it out. 

Finally, be careful! It can be way too easy to divide and conquer sometimes in an effort to get more done. Try not to accidentally assign one parent to one child. You’ll want to make sure everybody gets equal time with each other. Savor fun family moments when you can. 

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Do you have any advice for what we should do, as parents and a family, to prepare ourselves for having a second baby? Please share in the comments!

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Are You Expecting Again in the New Year? How Can You Prepare for Baby #2?

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