New Website Helps Parents Find Perfect Name for Baby!

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Maybe you looked no further than your family tree for baby’s name, or perhaps it came to you in a dream. Like it or not, if selecting baby’s name was an easy feat, you are a special, unique individual. Because most of us parents spend months debating the perfect name for our little ones.

Abigail, Cadence, Felix, or Jarom … which baby name makes the perfect dot-com?

And it seems a new method for our crazy is trending: an “awesome” selection of baby names based on … are you ready for this? … Website domain availability!

Do you want to be the only parent in the entire world whose child is deprived of his or her own

Awesome Baby Name is giving us the opportunity to bestow our children with some MAJOR bragging rights on the monkey bars. The damage, should you forego this significant break-through in baby naming possibilities, could be incurable! Your child’s future elementary chats could go something like this:

Curly, Blonde Girl: “Have you checked out my personal dot-com yet?”
Your Sweet, Innocent Child: “You have a dot-com?”
Mohawked, Tough Boy: “You’re joking, right? Everyone who’s anyone has a dot-com! Are your parents, like, 100 years old, or just plain stupid?”
Your Sweet, Innocent Child: “My parents aren’t old, and they aren’t stupid either!” 
Curly, Blonde Girl: “Your momma’s so stupid, she went to the dentist looking for a Bluetooth.”
   [Children laughing.]
Mohawked, Tough Boy: “Your momma’s so old, when you told her to act her age, she died!”
Nerdy, Pale Boy: “Yeah! Your momma’s so dumb, she put a quarter in each ear to listen to 50 Cent!”
   [More children laughing.]
Your Sweet, Innocent Child: “But, But …”

Parents, don’t let your child get laughed at.

According to this article, “Awesome Baby Name is a new online tool that allows parents to choose a name for their child based on website domain availability. Basically, the site asks parents to input their last name and baby's gender and then it generates a list of name options based on domains that haven't been purchased.”

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The recently launched website even provides a link to an automatic domain name register, so you can secure your unborn child’s playground coolness, before it’s too late.


“It's important to give your children a fighting chance of having good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the 21st century,” Finbarr Taylor, the website’s co-creator, stated. “We use search engines all day long to answer our questions and find things, including people. Imagine being called John Smith and trying to get a ranking on Google search. It's important to give your child a unique name so that people, like potential employers, will be able to find them easily in the future.”

All joking aside, I’m not rushing to create a dot-com for my daughter; though to be honest, I created an email address for her a few years ago. I wanted to make sure “” was still available, should she ever want it.

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But … do our children truly need personal URLs?

If more than 176,000 people have already checked out Awesome Baby Name, maybe this really is where our world is headed.

Will you jump in and secure your child’s dot-com status?

What do you think?

New Website Helps Parents Find Perfect Name for Baby!

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  1. Beth says:

    We are having trouble picking a girl name and the funny thing is the name I want came up but my husband’s 2 suggestions not on the list. Maybe I can use that to solidify my reasoning for picking the name. Not sure why a girl’s name is harder to pick than the boy was.


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