What New Parents Need to Know About Baby Nutrition and Feeding

Aren’t babies wonderful? We are awed over their perfect newness – their perfect little fingers, perfect little toes, perfect little face, and we melt over perfect little baby yawns; but their little digestive system is one new thing that seems quite imperfect, leaving us to constantly wonder over questions about newborn nutrition, feeding, and digestion.

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The Kid’s Doctor, Dr. Susan J. Hubbard, is an award winning pediatrician who contributes her infant nutrition expertise to Similac. Our own Shiloh Johnson had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Hubbard about important nutrition and feeding questions such as:

  • Digestion
  • Feeding routines
  • Colic
  • Breastfeeding
  • Supplementation
  • How to choose formula
  • Feeding tips
  • Introducing solid foods
  • Baby-led weaning

Every baby can react to feeding differently which can pose a challenge when trying to figure out what works best for your baby. If you’re a new parent with feeding and nutrition questions, Dr. Hubbard’s video will be a tremendous help in learning the answers to your questions.

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Pediatrician, Dr. Susan J. Hubbard is an award-winning pediatrician, medical editor, media host and writes “The Kid’s Doctor” syndicated newspaper column (distributed by Tribune Media Services). With a national following, busy multimedia website and decades of experience, her patients and thousands of readers and listeners rely on “Dr. Sue” for expert advice on topics ranging from common medical ailments to the emotional and cultural challenges of raising children in a high-tech world. Dr. Sue's television feature “The Kid's Doctor” can be seen on over 100 stations across the country and she will co-host a new weekly show launching in August “Take Charge Parenting”. Followers of “The Kid's Doctor” can submit questions on the award-winning website www.kidsdr.com.

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What New Parents Need to Know About Baby Nutrition and Feeding

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  1. Lizzie says:

    How about teaching moms to breastfeed at least for the 3 months they may be able to take off of work? How about encouraging & teaching how to pump and not supplement. Formula is not great, it is not breastmilk. It is made in a lab by chemists. It is the same crap given to people via a peg tube in the ICU or at nursing homes when they cannot eat. It is second best and should be marketed as such. Very few women really cannot breast feed. How about putting someone that isn’t paid by similac to do this video? I’m sure this doctor has a lot of nutritional training when it comes to breastfeeding. La Leche women knew more than any practitioner of any sort I’ve ever come across. Nice job Everyday Family. There is what I think, I don’t care what everyone will say either.


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