A New Method to Get Your Newborn to Sleep Through the Night

Could this be the answer we are all seeking??

I admit that I really have had ZERO expectations about my babies being able to sleep through the night. Like, ever. There have probably been a handful of times in the past seven years that I've actually slept through the night, and my kids range in age from one to seven, so in my mind, broken sleep is part of the parenting territory. 

But a new method developed by a pair of brother pediatricians, Drs. Lewis Jassey and Jonathan Jassey of Buffalo, New York, claims that it's possible to train newborns — even hungry, breastfed newborns — to sleep in greater amounts through the night. 

I know. It sounds too good to be true. 

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In their new book, The Newborn Sleep Book, the brothers boast a 90% success rate (whaa??) in getting newborns to sleep through the night within the first four weeks of life. They also claim to have helped thousands of families to sleep-train their little ones and for parents to get their own sleep and sanity back. Their program is based on 20 years of studies, which is an impressive stat.

The difference in their method, the Jasseys claim, is that they base their training around the infant's feeding schedule to ensure proper growth and development, along with the full belly that allows them to sleep for longer stretches at a time. They claim that parents often mistake cries for hunger and stick a bottle or a boob in the baby's mouth unnecessarily. (Guilty as charged!)

“Just because they're crying doesn't mean it's a bad thing, and it doesn't necessarily mean that they are hungry — it's their effective way to communicate with us,” Dr. Jonathan told FoxNews.com. “Their stomach can get used to being fed so frequently and start to expect that.”

One mother who claimed to use the program got her newborn sleeping 7 to 8 hours at night within two weeks of working with the doctors. “The first time he slept through the night, I just remember waking up on my own and going into his nursery to find him still asleep,”  the mother said in an interview with Fox News. “It was a really weird feeling, actually, like I had slept through something, and why wasn't he up yet?”

The keys to their program, they claim, are consistency, patience, and early intervention, so you heard it here first folks: if you want a baby who sleeps through the night, you might want to give these doctor's methods a shot. Hey, it's worth a try, right?

Also, I wonder if it would still work on my 5-year-old …

Did you have a newborn who slept through the night?

What do you think?

A New Method to Get Your Newborn to Sleep Through the Night

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  1. Profile photo of Renee Renee says:

    I was reading some post here on Everyday Family and I saw some girls talking about Susan Urban’s guide. I am not a person who is easy to convince but I was too tired and sleep deprived so I decided to have a look on “How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone” guide ( anybody who is interested – I found the guide here: http://www.parental-love.com ). Now I know why people recommend it. I thought it’ll be more than difficult but I was wrong. The method described in the guide is without CIO and workes very fast, in our case it took 3 days to make my son fall asleep without nursing then another day to make him nap for more than 30 min and another 3 days to stop feed him at night. I am very happy with what we achieve with this guide, I really recommend it.

    • Profile photo of Ali Ali says:

      I’ve used this guide and I recommend it as well! short read and includes everything you need to know to sleep train right!


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