New Findings Reveal Cause For Miscarriages

For women who have had multiple miscarriages, one of the hardest parts might be wondering why the loss happened. Sometimes, doctors simply don't have answers for grieving parents and they are left to wonder what went wrong, if they could have done anything differently, and if it will happen again. 

And now, a new study has revealed what may give hope to women who have had recurrent pregnancy losses (three or more miscarriages). The study found that for some women, pregnancy loss occurs because of “accelerated aging” of the lining of the uterus, which is caused by a lack of stem cells. 

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According to The Guardian, 1 in 100 women actually have recurrent miscarriages, as opposed to the one in five women who have had at least one miscarriage. Those recurrent miscarriages, as you can imagine, can be emotionally and physically devastating to women and couples on every level. 

I've heard women who have had recurrent miscarriages describe reaching a point where they just felt like completly giving up, like their bodies had failed them and they had failed their babies. It's heartbreaking. And when it happens over and over, it can be easy for women to give up hope or even to feel like they are doing something “wrong” in trying to get pregnant. 

But this new research does offer some hope. The study is giving doctors and fertility specialists new ways to not only test women who may be at risk for recurrent miscarriages by checking lowered stem cell counts in their womb linings, but also to look for new ways to treat the condition. There are reportedly drugs and some promising procedures that could actually work by implanting necessary stem cells before a pregnancy or embryo transfer in order to help increase the chance of the pregnancy surviving. 

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New Findings Reveal Cause For Miscarriages

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