Got a New Eater? Here’s What to Pack in Your Baby’s First Lunchbox

Watching a baby take their very first bite of solid food can be so much fun. Realizing that you’re going to have to start giving them solids every single day for the rest of their life can be a little overwhelming. If your baby spends their days with someone other than you, or you spend your time with baby away from home, you’ll probably start packing them lunches sometimes between 9 and 12 months of age.

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When you’re packing your little one's lunch, you’ll want to ensure that you’re filling it with nutritious, easy-to-eat foods that will help them get better acquainted with eating solids and fill their belly.  

Check out the ideas below for simple, healthy food you can put in your baby’s lunchbox! 

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Sliced fruit: Most little ones love fruit. Whether it’s strawberries, blueberries, or grapes, your little one will enjoy being able to pick up and eat the pieces of fruit all on their own. Be sure to slice your baby’s fruit into pieces smaller than a pea. In time, you’ll figure out which sort of fruit your little one enjoys the most!

Shredded chicken: Adding shredded chicken to your little one's lunchbox is a great way to boost their protein intake and help their bellies begin to get acclimated to the sort of food they’ll eat more of as they get older. If your baby doesn’t seem to enjoy chicken, consider swapping it out for turkey or ham. Be sure to shred it until it’s easily eaten by your baby.

Softened sweet potato bits: Many roasted veggies develop a great crunchy outside while maintaining their soft inside. Consider slicing some sweet potatoes and roasting them with a little olive oil before packing them up in your baby's lunch box.

Bread: Adding whole wheat bread, spread with some sun butter, to your little one's lunch is a wonderful way to help them begin to appreciate contrasting textures. It’s also a great way to fill their belly with healthy and nutritious food!

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Got a New Eater? Here’s What to Pack in Your Baby’s First Lunchbox

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