Who Needs Me Time? I Like Being With Our Kids

I always cringe every December when I hear part of the song, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.”

In the famous, overplayed rendition (often by Bing Crosby or Johnny Mathis), there’s that one uneasy line that hints of snub to kids everywhere:  “… and mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again.”

That awkward remark seems to say to children, “You’re really on my nerves. Go back to school so I don’t have to deal with you.”

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Now, I’m a work-from-home dad, which means I also tend to our kids. And rumor has it that kids bicker, whine, and complain. I know all of this can be exhausting, frustrating, and difficult. There are plenty of pressures and obligations that come with raising a child.

But you know what? I’m a former child myself, and I know how it goes. 

They’re being kids, learning the ways of the world through good and bad choices. Meanwhile, we’re there to teach them the proper way to behave.

So in short, those harried, annoying days – that’s life. 

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Sure, their presence can affect work productivity from time-to-time, but I’d far rather be with them than not. I enjoy their company. They’re generally good kids, and every single day they help me become a better person.

Perhaps I’m in rare company, but I actually like them being around during Christmas break – and summer vacation and on other off-days throughout the year. I’m not waiting for school to start again. Life is better when they’re around.

In fact, I love being around our children, because with them I feel happy, energetic, free to express myself without being judged, and loved. They’re also honest and know how to have fun. All of this helps me to forget the stresses and worries of everyday life.

Yes, I like Me Time like anyone else, but I’m never angling to dump our kids off somewhere and dreaming of my next moment of peace and quiet.

The way I see it, someday all this will be gone, so I’d rather ignore what Crosby and Mathis have to say. Whether it’s Christmas or any day of the year, give me those kids, the noise, the mess, and all the work that comes with it.

I might be tired, but at least I’ll have a smile. 

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Who Needs Me Time? I Like Being With Our Kids

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