Nagging Your Kids May Actually Prove Beneficial

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For all of you moms out there, I would hazard a guess that you have been accused of nagging or being a nag at least once. 

Or twice.

I don't think that moms necessarily like getting on their kids' back about doing homework or cleaning the bathroom or about getting a haircut. They would just prefer hardworking, well-groomed scholars. 

And guess what. 

A study out of the University of Essex in England says that all of the nagging may indeed yield amazing results for your children, well, for your daughters, at least. The study followed over 15,000 early teen girls for just a little over six years to see how they would fare if their moms would hound them all of the time about everyday things. 

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What the study found was really not super surprising: girls that are held to a higher standard by a parent are more likely to be on the higher end of the financial totem pole and are less likely to get pregnant in their teen years.

Essentially what this is saying is that if girls are held to a specific standard, whether that be with performance in school or with even cleanliness and orderliness, they are more likely to be successful. Is that a shocking discovery to anyone? I was always under the impression that people who were held to high standards emerged as more capable, more driven, more disciplined people, which translated to success on a measurable scale.

What do you think about this? Do you or will you continue to nag your kids? And speaking of nagging, is it offensive to be considered a “nag”? Does it hurt your feelings when you're called that? Would it be worth it if you knew your kids would be better for it? 

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Pick one of those questions and comment below!

What do you think?

Nagging Your Kids May Actually Prove Beneficial

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