My 9 Best-Ever Pregnancy Tips and Secrets

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I have to say, that I’m not a big fan of giving out advice, especially to pregnant women. The truth is, there are just a lot of things about motherhood that can’t be described—many times, you have to just figure it out as you go or discover what works best for you.

But at the same time, my training as an OB nurse and earning my marks as a veteran mother of three does inspire me to pass on a few tricks and tips of the trade. So without further ado, I present to you: 9 of my best ever pregnancy tips:


Image via  BrentDPayne/Flickr
Image via BrentDPayne/Flickr

Not everyone gets morning sickness.

If you are newly pregnant, you may be wondering if you will get to experience the widely-discussed pregnancy phenomenon also known as puking your guts out. The good news? Some pregnant women skip right over the morning sickness and jump right into that second trimester energy spurt. The bad news? The majority of pregnant women will feel some sort of nausea in the first trimester.

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If you do get sick, there are ways around it.

A lot of women silently suffer through morning sickness, considering it just a part of pregnancy, but the truth is there are things you can do to help relieve the plight of pregnant puking. One common culprit for morning sickness can actually be your prenatal vitamins: do an experiment by skipping a morning to see if that helps your morning sickness. If you notice a difference, talk to your healthcare provider as he or she may be able to prescribe a different type of vitamin that might not make you so sick. Other tricks of the trade include nibbling on saltines, trying a nausea bracelet, or – if the sickness is very severe – the doctor may even try an anti-nausea medication.

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Image via jaaron/Flickr
Image via jaaron/Flickr

Know that every woman experiences labor and birth differently.

I cannot stress this one enough. Every, every woman experiences contractions and pushing completely differently. I have literally seen women cruise into the hospital dilated all the way to 10 without so much as breaking a sweat and watched others writhe in agony when they were barely dilated to 1 cm. Women are built differently and everyone’s pain tolerance is different, plain and simple.

Image via Ed Yourdun/Flickr
Image via Ed Yourdun/Flickr

There’s no such thing as “bouncing back” after a baby.

Your hips may shift, your feet may grow, and overall, you may find that “bouncing back” really means welcoming your new mama body instead.

Allow me to expound on this one. It’s my theory that there are two types of women in the world: those who have a baby and have no trouble fitting back into their pre-pregnancy clothes and those who have to work very, very hard at losing the baby weight. And no matter which category you fall into, the truth is, sometimes, your body completely changes after a baby, even if you find yourself back to your pre-baby weight. Your hips may shift, your feet may grow, and overall, you may find that “bouncing back” really means welcoming your new mama body instead.

Image via roadmunkee/Flicker
Image via roadmunkee/Flickr

Pregnancy is not a time for making lasting decisions.

Look, I’m the first to champion that women can do everything. But I also have to admit that pregnancy may not be the most rational-thinking time in your life. You may think that you will be an attachment parenting devotee or you may know that you know that you want to formula feed, but give yourself permission to change your mind. It will be the best gift you can give your child.


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Image via

You get a free pass for all pregnancy dreams.

On the off chance that you end up having a rather provocative dream involving a rather chiseled celebrity (ahem) just know that pregnancy hormones are completely crazy in that brain of yours right now and many women report some pretty interesting dreams during their pregnancies. So your secret is safe with us!

Image via lizasperling/Flickr
Image via lizasperling/Flickr

Buy yourself same nice maternity clothes.

If you’re anything like me, you hate spending money on a wardrobe that feels like something you will only wear for a few months. But take it from me — invest in a few key maternity pieces that will make you feel great and comfortable. It’s so worth it in the end. You deserve to feel great about yourself during such a major change in your life. And if you play your cards right, you can pick pieces that will help you transition into the post-partum phase as well. Key pieces for any maternity wardrobe include long, stretch tank tops for layering, at least one maxi dress, a nice pair of maternity jeans, and a bigger bra! Which leads me to…

Image via J & J Brusie Photography
Image via J & J Brusie Photography

It might be a while before you fit into your “regular” clothes again.

When I had my first baby, I eagerly packed my hospital bag with one of my pre-pregnancy outfits… and quickly got a rude awakening when I couldn’t even pull my pants over my thighs, let alone zip the darn things. My advice? Stick to maternity clothes for your big arrival home.


Image via mhogan35/Flickr
Image via mhogan35/Flickr

Pregnancy really is an amazing time in your life.

I know how hard it can be. I know how much you will want it over by the end. But I also promise you — it really is an amazing gift to be able to bring a human being into this world. Your body is doing something remarkable each and every day and you, mama-to-be, are beautiful.

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My 9 Best-Ever Pregnancy Tips and Secrets

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  1. Emma says:

    Thank you for sharing such an informative Article. I am looking forward for some more Articles from you. Keep Sharing!!!

  2. Candice says:

    Well i agree with every woman and every pregnancy is different. My kids will be 13 yrs apart and the first pregnancy is nothing like this one. With my first son i didn’t even know i was pregnant because i never stopped my period until i was 8 months, i only gained 10 pounds and i had no heart burn or nausea. I had no complications and no doctor visits til the last 2 weeks when i found out i was pregnant and than i did all my laboring at home a walked into the hospital already dilated to 7 and with little fuss and no yelling i had my baby soon after. Now with my second child i am 34 weeks. i found out when i was 6 weeks. Still no heartburn or nausea but i’m as big as a house and everyone keeps asking me if i’m having twins (NO). I can’t see my feet i keep swelling like a balloon and can’t breath cause this baby is so big. Sometimes i think being aware that you are pregnant and know the good and bad can make it worse. I can truly understand now why they say that ignorance is bliss. I can appreciate it more for the wonderful thing that it is but now that i’m in the home stretch i just want it over so i can finally hold my wonderful creation. I have a feeling the labor part won’t go as well either. Good luck to all.

  3. Zephra says:

    Thank you for writing this article. The tips have helped me very much. I’ve been experiencing what appears to be a heartbeat in my nose. That sounds weird. Homely, it will stop soon.

  4. Brianny says:

    I had severe smell and food aversions that made me sick but I didn’t have morning sickness (as long as I stayed away from the smells/food I didn’t get sick) I’m 6 months and have the days where I’m FULL of energy then days where I have a baby in my belly and my body is tired. One thing I keep hearing is the omg your big!!! (these people have NEVER seen a pregnant lady apparently because when people find out I’m pregnant they say they couldn’t have guessed) and when they say that I’m thankful I’m not a person who is worried about gaining weight b/c those comments can seriously hurt someones feelings…

  5. casey says:

    This is so helpful wow I would have never thought!!

  6. Alyssa says:

    I never would have thought of that on my own. Thanks

  7. Makela says:

    Really great and usefull tips.

  8. Jenny says:

    These are really great tips, and basically reminds me that everyone is pregnant in their own, special way. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was disappointed I had no morning sickness and it made me question myself (am I really pregnant? Is everything ok?) Now at 15 weeks I still have no nausea or food or smell aversions. I learned to embrace the difference in the “normal” way of things and embrace my own unique way of being pregnant.

  9. Stacie says:

    Yea, hate to break it to you but morning sickness isn’t avoidable for everyone. I’ve done saltines and I’m even on nausea medication, but I still get sick. Every tip I’ve heard I’ve tried. It is an unfortunate part of pregnancy but please don’t diminish someone’s morning sickness as fixable or avoidable.

  10. Roselind says:

    I have concluded morning sickness is a kind of hypoglycemia. If you ,make sure to keep your blood sugar from going too low, you should have less problems. And take note of how it feels; if you ever hsvr low sugar later, it will probably be similar. Diabetes medicine can cause potentially dangerous low blood sugar while you are finding the right dosage.

  11. after I had my baby it took 3 years to get back to where I was omg!!!!! so im not going to just eat whatever I want with this pregnancy…. the first pregnancy I gained 65 pounds!!!

  12. i had terrible pain when I got dilated to 4 cm and had to have an epadoral lol!

  13. KEIYONDA says:


  14. Phammom says:

    Enjoyed reading these.

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