When Mother’s Day Means So Much More

I've always loved the story of my mother's first Mother's Day. 

Not because I hear how she got pampered and showered with gifts to celebrate her first official motherhood holiday, but instead because she only received one very special gift that day. 

The gift of yours truly. 

OK, OK, so I'm being a little bit self-centered here, but what child (even an adult, grown child) doesn't love to hear how much they mean to their mother? On that fateful day almost 28 years ago, my mother didn't wake up to breakfast in bed—she woke up to a baby beside her bed!

After a somewhat tumultuous delivery of her firstborn (sorry about that, Mom!), my mother was elated to be discharged from the hospital, happy and healthy, cradling her beautiful little girl in her arms and welcoming her home …

On Mother's Day!

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What greater gift could you ask for on Mother's Day than becoming a mother? And every few years, when my birthday happens to fall on Mother's Day, I am reminded of the unique bond between a mother and daughter, now cemented even further in my mind with the addition of my two own daughters, who were both born, coincidentally enough, in May, of course. 

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I love that we have so much to celebrate in what has become my favorite month. Celebrating life each year, honoring the tradition of honoring motherhood, and watching my girls grow and blossom—an event both wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time.

And as I can't help but get swept up in the emotions of motherhood that swirl in my heart this month every year, the unique love that threatens to turn into pain for the little ones we hold most dear never fails to bring a smile to my face to think where my journey as a mother all started.

Back to that one fateful day in a hospital room …

When one young woman first held her daughter in her arms and felt the magic of Mother's Day. 

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Did any of you become a mother on Mother's Day? Does it make the day extra meaningful to you?  

What do you think?

When Mother’s Day Means So Much More

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