Mother’s Day from a Fatherly Point-of-View

From a fatherly perspective, if there’s one calendar date where you need to bring your A-game, it’s Mother’s Day.

No matter your gender, we all have a tendency to be forgetful when it comes to special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, but Mother’s Day is the one day a year when you simply can’t drop the ball.

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The reality is, it’s mom’s day, and always will be about her. It’s about pampering her, taking care of her, spoiling her, and most of all, loving her. Next to her birthday, it’s her one day to call the shots and celebrate everything about her motherhood.

If you forget this day or low ball it, you’ve tainted the institution of motherhood. That’s because you’ve not only forgotten her, but likely far more:  your own mother, her mother and even your kids.

That’s right, your kids. 

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We have to remember that being a parent isn’t independent and self-contained. Whether you’re a mom or dad, we didn’t get here alone. Without a partner and eventually, a child – a mom isn’t a mom. A dad isn’t a dad.

So while you make it all about mom on Mother’s Day, you’re simultaneously acknowledging the kids, and even dad too, who made them moms in the first place. Without them, there’s no Mother’s Day. When you celebrate mom, you’re celebrating others. You’re celebrating family. You’re celebrating life.

Every Father’s Day, for example, I make it an aim to give our kids a small gift, and to honor my wife in some way, too. It’s my annual reminder that I wouldn’t even get to celebrate that day if not for them.

But don’t let the pressure of Mother’s Day and making it perfect get to you. Remember, other holidays have certain, standard rituals:  egg hunts, fireworks, costumes, turkeys, Christmas trees. Those are all timeless traditions. But part of the fun of Mother’s Day is that there’s no correct way to celebrate it. There’s no expected traditions and expectations, only the ones you set.

So from a fatherly perspective, take a moment to let mom steer the day in the direction she wants, but find a clever way – and all your family’s own – to respect everything that embraces motherhood and make it hers.

And just watch:  every part of her motherhood will benefit. 

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How does your family celebrate Mother's Day? 

What do you think?

Mother’s Day from a Fatherly Point-of-View

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