This Just In: The 10 Most Popular Names 2016

Were you lucky enough to have a baby last year? Did you go for a popular name or an untraditional name? According to the Social Security Administration, these were the Top 10 most popular names for girls and boys born last year.  More than likely, if you had a baby in the last year or if you’re expecting one soon, your child will probably have a few classmates with these names once they attend school!

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Top 10 Girls Names of 2016

  1. Emma, meaning “universal.” No wonder this sweet name was so universally popular last year!
  2. Olivia, meaning “olive tree.” For your peaceful little girl.
  3. Ava, meaning “life.” A perfect name for the new baby in your life!
  4. Sophia, meaning “wisdom.” Your little one will be so wise with this name.
  5. Isabella, meaning “pledged to God.” This name comes with adorable nicknames, like Bella or Izzy.
  6. Mia, meaning “mine” or “bitter”. But don’t worry, your little one will be all sweetness with this name!
  7. Charlotte, meaning “free man.” This elegant name is feminine and sophisticated. And it also has a cute nickname, Charlie.
  8. Abigail, meaning “my father is joyful.” And why shouldn’t he be? Both mommy and daddy will be joyful with little Abigail around!
  9. Emily, meaning “rival.” But don’t worry, no little baby could possibly rival your little Emily!
  10. Harper, meaning “harp player.” Perhaps you’ll have a little musician in your future!
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Top 10 Boys Names of 2016

  1. Noah, meaning “rest” or “comfort.” You won’t be able to resist cuddling up to your comfortable little boy!
  2. Liam, meaning “resolute protection.” A short form of William. Just having him near you will make your feel safe and happy, and you’ll make him feel the same way.
  3. William, meaning “resolute protection.” This princely name can stand alone or go by one of its nicknames: Bill, Billy, Wills, Will … the nicknames go on!
  4. Mason, meaning “stone worker.” Watch you little guy become a master architect with his blocks!
  5. James, meaning “supplanter.” This classic name (which actually is adapted from Jacob) will go perfectly with your little guy.
  6. Benjamin, meaning “son of the right hand.” If Benjamin sounds like a big name for your little baby, you can shorten it and he can go by Ben for a while!
  7. Jacob, meaning “supplanter.” This name makes people feel warm and happy, and was actually in the #1 most popular spot for about 13 years!
  8. Michael, meaning “who is like God” or “gift from God.” Your little boy is certainly a gift!
  9. Elijah, meaning “Jehovah is God.” You won’t be able to resist telling everyone your sweet little boy’s name.
  10. Ethan, meaning “strong.” You won’t believe how strong (and fast) your baby boy is! He will constantly surprise you.

Do any of your kids share a name from the most popular names of 2016?


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