Morning Sickness Got You Down? Try These Foods to Help!


While most women are familiar with morning sickness before they get pregnant, they’re often surprised at just how miserable it can be. Not only does morning sickness sap you of your energy when you’re already exhausted (hello first-trimester fatigue) but it can also hit you any time of the day. While morning sickness is hard, it’s a normal part of pregnancy that most women experience and can even be a sign that your baby is growing as it should be. If you’re experiencing morning sickness it’s important that you stay hydrated and do your best to eat (even if you don’t feel like it). An empty stomach can actually make you feel sicker. So, even if it’s tough, try eating a few bites of the foods below to get you through your morning sickness.

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Ginger. Ginger in many forms has been known to help settle the stomach for centuries. That’s probably why it’s a pretty well known go-to when it comes to alleviating the symptoms of morning sickness. Consider sucking on some ginger candy or having some ginger tea when nausea is wearing you out.

Lemons. Many moms report that adding lemons or something lemony to their diet helped them feel better when they were experiencing morning sickness. Lemon has a clean, strong scent that can help alleviate nausea brought on my certain smells and, luckily, lemons aren’t hard to come by as most people enjoy adding a slice or a few drops to their water to keep it feeling fresh.

Plain Pasta or Rice. When anything with a strong smell is making you feel ill, consider chowing down on a small bowl of plain pasta or rice. With their simple taste and lack of strong smell these foods make an excellent choice for the mom whose having trouble working up an appetite.

Crackers. Plain crackers serve a similar function to plain pasta or rice- they give you just enough to have something on your stomach but lack the strong flavor or small that can make certain foods so unappealing during the first trimester. Plain crackers also have the advantage of keeping outside the fridge – that means you can stack a few on your bedside table to be eaten immediately upon waking up!

Flavored Popsicles. Popsicles are a fantastic way to stay hydrated when drinking a lot of water is making you feel even more nauseous. Most moms also report that they are relatively appealing and don’t bring on the upset stomach that many other foods do. Grab a box of your favorite flavor and don’t feel bad about eating as many as you want. 

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Morning Sickness Got You Down? Try These Foods to Help!

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