More Back to School Sales!

More Back to School Sales! Picture

I know I’ve been posting a lot about back to school sales lately, but in my opinion, whenever you find great deals that will save parents some money you should share the love!

I know one reader on Facebook mentioned during my last post that most schools wear uniforms these days. While I’m not up on what goes around in all states, I do know that where we live, most schools do NOT have a uniform policy; and even if yours does, I’m certain most kids want to change out of the uniform after the end of the school day, and they still need run around clothes on the weekend. These deals would work for all parents who need to purchase clothes or shoes for their kids.

And for those of you with kids who aren’t yet school aged: You can always (or mostly always) take advantage of the deals I post, even if they are for younger kids that haven’t entered school yet.

Old Navy Blue Jeans, $10

SCORE! I love Old Navy clothes. They are comfy and they hold up under duress, which, as every parent knows, is important! We scored big on a blue jean sale last week, purchasing two pairs of black jeans for my girls (of course they wanted the same exact pair!) for $10 each. While I generally buy consignment clothes, when I find a great deal on non-consignments I scoop them up. $10 for Old Navy jeans? Perfect! Sale ends August 15th and is both online and in the store.

The following two great deals were sent to me by!

Children’s Place, Save 20% off Most Items Through Sept 11

I love Children’s Place, particularly for clothes in the younger kid’s age range. Right now they are offering 20% off on most purchases by using the code E6H76QDP82.

Target Shoes, BOGO 50% Off

Target has cute kid shoes, but honestly, they are quite expensive when they aren’t on sale. I generally shop the Target clearance rack for shoes at the end of season, but this deal is perfect for those of you with more than one kid – or those with one kid who needs several pair of shoes! You purchase one pair, and then get the second pair at fifty percent off.  Go to this link and check it out!

What do you think?

More Back to School Sales!

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  1. Profile photo of Syreeta Syreeta says:

    Gap is also having a sale this weekend…friends and family 30% off without a personal invite from an employee and they are also having a bogo sale on their jeans!!! They also sale uniforms and backpacks!!!

  2. Profile photo of Valerie24 Valerie24 says:


  3. Profile photo of Katherine Katherine says:

    Girls sizes 6 and up.

  4. Profile photo of Katherine Katherine says:

    If you are in a state that has a Justice ( I don’t know if they are nation wide) everything in the store is 40% off, even redlined items. Plus if you spend 50.00 you 50.00 in J-bucks to use in Sept. Awesome sale!

  5. Profile photo of Kevryn Kevryn says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Targets bogo shoes. My two year old is going up in sizes every couple of months. he is already a 9 going on a 10 toddler size.

  6. Profile photo of qboyce qboyce says:

    Thank you for the codes… Love saving money

  7. Profile photo of aiotld aiotld says:

    Thank you for the code to the Children’s Place and Target’s BOGO. It’s great to save where ever you can.

  8. Profile photo of Bhumphr6 Bhumphr6 says:

    I love looking fro back to school deals!! so fun to save money

  9. Profile photo of mynameskatie mynameskatie says:

    Love back to school, there’s always tons of great deals!

  10. Profile photo of LAURA LAURA says:

    Old navy clothes are the coolest, but the material fades when you wash at times, like the pajamas and stuff. The clothes are being made with better material every season! Thanks for posting clearences and specials!!!


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