Arlie, Bailey, Connor, and More: The ABCs of Baby Names

The ABC song is one of the first songs that a toddler often learns. If your baby is even younger though, maybe not yet born, you might be thinking of the ABCs in a different way: The ABCs of baby names.

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Finding the perfect name for your soon-to-be-born baby is hard. You don’t want a name that’s too popular but you also don’t want one so unique no one will pronounce it correctly. Right now you might be searching through books, scanning magazine by-lines, and researching different family names in search of the perfect name.

If you’re interested in choosing a name for your little one that you’ll be happy with forever, consider checking out the top 100 list and selecting a sweet name that’s further down the list. Check out this list below featuring five creative names for every letter of the alphabet!

Amos, Ayla, Amalia, Arlie, Arden

Bea, Barton, Bailey, Brenna, Beau

Callie, Carson, Carrah, Cassidy, Connor

Dara, Dakota, Dylan, Diego, Delilah

Eveline, Evan, Easton, Emmah, Emanual 

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Francine, Francisco, Fabiana, Freya, Felix

Gracie, Gannon, Gabrielle, Gabe, Garth

Hartford, Hailey, Houston, Hanna, Hugo

Ines, Ivy, Ivan, Irene, Isaac

Julianna, Juanita, Jace, Jordan, Justina

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Kepper, Kade, Kaleah, Kathleen, Kai

Liam, Lilliana, Lorenzo, Leah, Lars

Mae, Morgan, Mason, Marcus, Martin

Noa, Nolan, Noriana, Natalie, Neil

Ople, Orion, Otis, Ollie, Orson

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Penelope, Peter, Parker, Penny, Parsons

Quimby, Quincy, Quinn, Quinna, Quandarius

Ramona, Rowan, Raleigh, Reece, Reggie

Savannah, Sannah, Seren, Sammy, Sven

Turner, Tameria, Theo, Travis, Tucker

Uriyah, Uma, Ursula, Uhon, Umaria

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Violet, Vincent, Vlad, Vance, Vanna

Willa, Wyatt, Wayne, Wynn, Waylon

Xiomara, Xander, Xia, Xanthia, Xantia

Yadira, Yarson, Yasmin, Yevette, Yasmin

Ziggy, Ziek, Zarah, Zada, Zain

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Arlie, Bailey, Connor, and More: The ABCs of Baby Names

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