Hey Moms: Tell Us About the Last Time You Had a Date Night

Busy parents often find it hard to date their spouse. But it is so fun when we get the chance to have a date night with our significant other. So we asked some moms on Facebook, “When was the last time you and your significant other had a date, either inside or outside the house? What did you do?” Here's what they said!

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Catelin H: We stayed home and ate, watched a movie on Netflix, and had candles lit. (Reminder: dates don't mean you have to go out or he has to spend money on you. I'd rather have a date alone in the house then one out!)

Tiffany W: Saturday. We stayed in and played Rock Band!

Jessica J: Outside Date – we went to a movie and dinner a couple weeks ago. He treated me to Outback for some steak. Yum! (Although there was one time we skipped out on a movie and came home (mom had the kids) and we took a nap. It was beautiful!)

Inside Date – we have six kids, so any time we have just the two of us (watching tv or just talking) is wonderful. I never get tired of my hubby around!

Hannah H: Last Saturday (but before that three years ago). We went to a motocross race! It was the first time we’d ever let someone babysit our 11-month-old!

Lynae M: For my husband's birthday, January 15th, we took a cruise to Cozumel. Our date was the formal dinner. The next day we took Yamaha Razrs through the Mexico jungle and ended up driving a speedboat through the ocean before having margaritas and Mexican food on the beach. 

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Amy L: Last month. We try very hard to make it a monthly date night. Dickey’s BBQ and See’s candy are our favorite ways to date!

Kate S: Last Monday. We sat at the bowling alley for almost three hours eating and acting like a couple of idiots. We had fun!

Justine C: Friday, Jan 26. Sadly, I was in a bad accident and broke my hand and bruised the entire left side of my body. While we were waiting for my meds at the pharmacy, we went to Texas Roadhouse, lol! Neither of us had eaten since he spent the whole day/night with me at the hospital. Not the ideal date night, but it was time together so I still enjoyed it (despite all the pain).

Nichole E: Went out to a nice restaurant just two weeks ago! We left our two girls with our amazing neighbor!

Samantha N: Our city has a local Symphony Orchestra. We have season tickets so we get a date night once a month in the fall and winter into spring. We went out Saturday and had dinner at Red Robin so my husband could get his free birthday burger. Then we went to the Symphony while my mother-in-law watched the baby for a few hours.

Brandy M: Last date night earlier this month we went to eat Olive Garden and went to the movies. We hadn’t seen a movie in the theater in about 2 1/2 years. So that was a big one. We have tried to put the effort into date night at least once a month.


Victoria V: Two nights ago we had our first date in four years. We never usually do anything without our babies. This was not even planned! We went to do our taxes and we were hungry after and ended up eating. Then I ended up having my first time at a bar! He taught me how to play pool and darts. I had one daiquiri and it was amazing! Reminded me of what its like to be a couple again.

Kristine B: November 10th. It was our 10-year wedding anniversary. We went to dinner and got a hotel room.

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So, when was the last time you had a date night? What did you do? Share in the comments!

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Hey Moms: Tell Us About the Last Time You Had a Date Night

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