Real Moms’ Most-Loved Nursery Items

We asked our wonderful community of Facebook mamas which nursery items they loved the most. Their responses made me feel so cozy I could curl up and take a nap. Or I just always feel like I could take a nap. I am a mom after all … 

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4moms mamaRoo baby swing recommended by Brittani S. 

“We survived the first couple months as new parents by our son sleeping in the 4moms mamaroo. The motions, the music, the different speeds, and ability to adjust the seat. I don't think we would have ever slept if it weren't for that amazing machine!”

Fisher Price glider recommended by Cindie A.

“(Not in the nursery, but my all time favorite!) The Fisher Price glider my husband's great aunt got us. My daughter preferred it over her bassinet to sleep in. I'm hoping this baby will love it just the same!”

Vicks starry night humidifier recommended by CaSandra Q.

“Vicks starry night humidifier has helped three babies, as well as my glider, and each having their own beds. This has helped them to learn early on that they have their own space and we have ours. Of course, as I write this, my 1.5-year-old is sleeping in my bed with daddy, my 2.5-year-old is next to me restless on the couch, and my 3-month-old is bundled in her bed next to my hubby and son. What a night …” 

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Fisher Price cradle swing recommended by Cece B.

“My son has laryngomalacia and reflux so it was the perfect incline to keep him comfortable and breathing safely.”

Cosco crib recommended by Heather P.

“My Cosco crib. I have the Karen crib, and it is only 34.5″ tall, which is PERFECT for this 4'10” mom! I don't have to climb on a step stool to put my baby down!”

Rock'n'Play recommended by Tara G.

“For infant: rock n play, no question. 
For toddler: a video monitor, he's a noisy sleeper so I can tell when he's actually up or still asleep.”


Glider chair recommended by Jessica Leia M.

“Wish I got a nicer one because I have spent sooooooooo much time nursing, rocking, singing, reading books. Time for some new cushions for mine!”

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Tranquil Turtle recommended by Tracy L.

“Amby Baby Hammock and a VERY close 2nd is the Tranquil Turtle which plays either ocean sounds or ocean/bird sounds with peaceful music and also creates a light pattern on the ceiling that looks like you're under the water, it even puts me to sleep!”

Snuggle Nest Co-sleeper recommended by Ciara R. 

“When my son was a newbie it was my Snuggle Nest Co-sleeper. Hard sided, with a light and music. Plus a mat and bumper pad to prevent rolling and scooting. Seriously saved me during the nursing period when I was up every 2-3 hours.”

Angelcare video, movement, and sound monitor recommended by Mandy T. and Laura B.

Mandy says, “Angelcare baby monitor. Goes under the mattress and an alarm sounds if baby stops breathing.”

Laura says, “I have one of those too love it! Used it on both my boys and will be using it on our daughter! Gives you a peace of mind.”

Boppy nursing pillow recommended by Ashelli P. and Nina S. 

Ashelli says, “A Boppy nursing pillow. Only ‘nursery' item I really used or needed.”

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WubbaNub pacifiers recommended by Janna W.

“WubbaNub pacifiers! My son was born premature and that's how he ended up learning to grab things and hold his bottle.”


Diaper Genie (Elite) recommended by Macy G., Brittany Nicole M., and Courtney E.

Courtney says, “Diaper Genies are my favorite thing.”

Brittany says, “Diaper Genie II, because it's hand free and easy to change.”

Munchkin brand noise and light projector recommended by Melanie A.

“Munchkin brand noise and light projector. My son can't sleep without it.”

Halo sleepsacks recommended by Leeanna L. 

“Halo sacks. I know it's a duh, but I would die without them.”

Hillsong Kids Jr. Piano Lullabies albums recommended by Jennifer F. 

“Hillsong piano lullabies. Best sleeper ever 😍”


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Aden + Anais Muslin swaddling blankets recommended by Katelyn W. 

Baby Einstein night light recommended by Siarra K.

Skip Hop sound machine/star projector/nightlight recommended by Lauren F. 

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What are your most-loved nursery items? Share in the comments!

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Real Moms’ Most-Loved Nursery Items

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