This Will Melt Your Heart: Moms Meeting Babies for the First Time!

Every birth story is incredible and unique, and every time a mother meets her new baby is special. We asked moms on Facebook to share their stories of the first time they met their new babies. Check out these 10 stories. They will melt your heart!

Image via Heather B.
  1. Heather B.: Not all birth stories are the same. 🙂 This is the first time we met our son. He was 3 months old when we brought him home, and 9 months old when the adoption was complete.
Image via Erika J.
  1. Erika J.: After going to the doctor that day and having my membranes swept, it threw me into instant labor. Checked in the hospital at 5:15-5:30ish and my little guy was here at 7:58 on 3/11/16. It was so fast, epidural almost didn't take😳. A far cry from my previous labor of 12 hours. Now I have 2 beautiful little boys!!
Image via Mayra M.
  1. Mayra M.: My little mama was born March 9, 2016. The pain was worth it, 18 hours in labor. She's my first baby. Daddy and I love you!
Image via Hermalinda M.
  1. Hermalinda M.: Had emergency c-section. Met him when he was 8 hours old. This was the very first time I got to touch him. Then it took 3 days for me to hold him again.
Image via Heather O.
  1. Heather O.: Meeting Lily May. My first baby born after three miscarriages. She truly was a miracle and this moment was everything I had hoped and dreamed it would be and SO much more. I've never cried so hard and been so happy. I've never been so in love.
Image via Letticia Rose V.
  1. Letticia Rose V.: After hours (days?) of labor and scary moments: “Hi, Baby!!” Eliana Lucille born 08/20/2015, 7 lbs, 3 oz, at 1:53 am. Our little sugar baby!
Image via Kristen W.
  1. Kristen W.: Baby number 4. Got to the hospital about ready to push her out. Was able to hold her skin-to-skin for the next hour and bond more than with my others. I love the progress that has been made at some hospitals!
Image via Allison R.
  1. Allison R.: Evelynn Grace, our first family photo after 18 hours of labor and an emergency c-section. I was very ready to meet my baby girl!
Image via Kelsey D.
  1. Kelsey D.: Not really a pic of me, but I had my 3rd baby in my car! My hubby held our little man while I talked to 911. I had the shakes too bad to hold him, but I was able to get a picture of my husband and son.
Image via Shellie M.
  1. Shellie M.: I cut his cord, they put him on me, and he snuggled/squiggled to my neck. I love my baby boy!  Love my 5 lb-er! <3

Feel free to share your stories about when you met your babies for the first time in the comments!


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This Will Melt Your Heart: Moms Meeting Babies for the First Time!

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