Attention Moms and Dads: Here’s How to Fit Reading Back into Your Life

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In 2016, over 25% of American reported that they hadn’t picked up a book in the last year. For many parents who spend their days reading books about a big red dog or a very curious monkey, it may seem like there’s little time left over for reading grownup books. Reading has real benefits. It can help kids and adults feel more satisfied, happier, and more connected to the world around them. If you were a book lover pre-baby, but somehow haven’t read for pleasure in longer than you feel comfortable with, check out the tips below to help you fit reading into your life!

Pick a good book

If you want to get back to reading, but struggle to find the time, entice yourself by picking a book you know you’ll love. Maybe you’re a mystery lover or enjoy funny books. Or maybe can’t get enough of biographies. Having something in your hands that you know you’ll enjoy will help you prioritize reading.

Be okay with reading in small chunks

While you may have looked forward to snuggling up and losing yourself in a story pre-baby, you might have to get comfortable reading in smaller chunks now that you’re a parent. You may not have an hour to give your book. But ten minutes here and fifteen minutes there will still get you to the last chapter eventually. 

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Keep your book with you

How much time do you spend scrolling through your newsfeed or flipping through Instagram while you wait in preschool pickup line or at the pediatrician’s office with your infant? Instead of scrolling through your phone, bring your book along and read a chapter or two instead!

Choose reading above chores

Sure, the dishwasher needs to be unloaded and the laundry needs to be switched over. But tonight, or a couple of nights a week, consider setting your chores aside and picking up your book instead. Let your partner pick up the slack or commit to doing your regular chores when your finish your chapter. 

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How do you fit reading into your schedule?

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Attention Moms and Dads: Here’s How to Fit Reading Back into Your Life

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