Mommy and Me Activities – 12 DIY Christmas Ornaments

Twelve Kid-Friendly Ornament Crafts

With Christmas right around the corner, we've pulled together some fun, but simple activities you can do with your little ones. These ornaments are all simple to make, or things that kids will have fun helping you with. And the memories you'll make with your one-of-a-kind ornaments on the tree will be priceless!

Easy to Make Baby's First Christmas Ornament DIY

Baby's 1st Christmas Ornament DIY

I love this simple DIY by Kelli that shows how to put together your own baby ornament. I think this would be a great craft for an older sibling to help with while mom is pregnant, or maybe after she's had the baby as something to keep busy with (a caregiver could help and that would give mom and baby a break). Getting kids involved in a fun activity for their new sibling can also help minimize sibling rivalry pressures!

Here is the tutorial at Untrained Housewife.

Garden grown christmas ornaments DIYs

Ornaments From the Garden

These two ornaments are so beautiful and both made from garden plants. Susan has these cool tutorials that show how to make a Santa ornament out of dried, whole okra pods and another to make these really fun gourd ornaments. I know kids will do crazy over the idea of turning food into ornaments. 

Egg Carton Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornament DIY

Egg Carton and Cookie Cutter Ornaments


This cool DIY uses repurposed items from around the house to make brick-like ornaments for the tree. Turn recycled paper egg cartons into ornaments of any shape using cookie cutters as the molds. Let kids help in the ripping the paper up stage (fun!) and the painting stage, of course, for double the fun. 

Here is the tutorial at The Space Between blog

Kid-friendly Ornaments with Crayons and Wax Paper!

Melted Crayons Stained Glass Hangers

I love this idea by fellow Everyday Family writer, Kathy. She showed this for a cool Easter craft and I've done it with my kids as a fall craft to make leaves. I think it would be easily adapted for Christmas ornaments – just use different shapes (star, tree, etc). Kids LOVE seeing their crayon pieces melt to make a cool design. 

{ MORE: See how to make this craft here – Stained Glass Crayon Craft for Kids }

Beaded Star Christmas Ornaments for Kids to Make

Beaded Star Craft

Simple and colorful pony beads are easy for even smaller fingers to grasp, making this DIY a treat for preschoolers. Notice that pipe cleaners are used instead of flimsier string, so littles will not have much trouble with working on these colorful ornaments. The tutorial shows two different color combinations but the possibilities are truly limitless.

View the how-to at Untrained Housewife.

 Glittered and decoupage ornaments DIY

Personalized Glitter and Decoupage Ornaments


Another cool way to craft a plain ornament into a really fun and personalized ornament. The glitter treatment is super kid friendly for the littlest ones but be sure to check out how to tackle the modge podge treatment that older kids could do for unique and one-of-a-kind Christmas tree decorations. 

View the full tutorial at Schneider Peeps.

Feathered Christmas Ornament DIY

Feathered Ornament DIY

This is a really fun and unusual treatment for a Christmas ornament. Like the baby's first Christmas ornament shared previously, you'd want a clear plastic or glass ornament which you can dress up by adding the feathers inside. If you don't have your own source of feathers as this homesteader did, simple craft feathers from the craft section at store would be a very colorful addition. 

View the tutorial at Green Eggs and Goats.

Miniature Wreath Snowman Ornaments

Miniature Wreath Snowman Ornament

Simple glue, with a few trimmings, makes this ornament a cute, rustic snowman. But if you don't have a mini scarf, use crafting felt to trim your snow man and let the kids choose the color they want. This is a fun craft for kids that grown ups will need to help with (hot glue! Ouch!) but kids will enjoy. 

Find the tutorial at Uncommon Designs Online.

Blown Eggs Christmas Ornament Craft

Blown Egg Painted Christmas Ornaments

I love this simple ornament craft. Eggs (blown out and cleaned), paint, and colorful plastic beads are an effective combination for tons of fun. Grown ups will need to help with cleaning the eggs (remember to wash after handling raw eggs!!) but kids will have so much fun painting, embellishing, and coordinating the beads they want to use for the ornaments.

View the tutorial at Free Range Life.


Snowman Handprint Ornament Craft

Snowman Handprint Ornament

I love this idea so much! The painted snowmen are children's hand prints, and these ornaments preserve their size and little kid hand details so beautifully. A few grown up additions of eyes and nose, turn their fingers into snowmen for years of joy. So cute.

Check out the tutorial at Meg Duerkson's blog.

Popcorn Glass Ball Ornament

Magical Popcorn Christmas Ornaments

Your kids are going to adore this Christmas ornament,  because it is like a ship in the bottle – fitting large, fluffy popcorn kernels into a too-small-to-fit opening of a clear glass Christmas ornament. How is it possible? Let your kids help you make it so they can be in on the secret! 

Find the tutorial at Crafts a la Mode.

DIY Clay Baking Soda Ornaments for Christmas Kids Amy_Renea

 Baking Soda Clay Christmas Ornaments

This is a great clay recipe which uses baking soda, so you get a purer white look to the clay instead of the usual muddy, off-white look. Love the ideas for making kid's hand prints or foot prints, as well as the tips for piercing your clay ornament designs without messing them up. I will be trying this recipe at my house soon! 

You can find the tutorial and Recipe at A Nest for All Seasons.

What is your favorite Christmas ornament to make with your kids? 

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Mommy and Me Activities – 12 DIY Christmas Ornaments

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    I love these ideas and can not wait to try some of them. Another one to try is like the snowman one only you can do little feet and/or hands in glue then cover in glitter.

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