Mom Drives Away with 5-week-old Baby on Top of Car



The baby was discovered in the roadway, uninjured and still strapped in his car seat, by neighbors.

Have you ever placed your cup of coffee on top of your car, only to forget about it and drive away, your cup still steaming on top? Have you ever placed your baby’s car seat, with your baby strapped inside of it, on top of your car, only to forget that your little one is still up there – so you drive away?

19-year-old Catalina Clouser “put her 5-week-old baby on top of her car in his car seat and drove away, apparently forgetting he was there, not even noticing when the seat fell off the car and landed in an intersection, police said.”

The baby was discovered in the roadway, uninjured and still strapped in his car seat, by neighbors. The police believe that Clouser was under the influence of something, most likely marijuana, which impaired her judgment.

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The baby is now in the custody of Child Protective Services.


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Mom Drives Away with 5-week-old Baby on Top of Car

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  1. Kenzi says:

    There should be a parenting test you have to pass before being allowed to conceive. Some people just don’t deserve to have children, they are a true blessing and if someone is too ignorant to realize that, then they shouldn’t be given such a beautiful gift.


    I can believe that but to forget your child is on top of your car is truly crazy. I hope she will never do that again if she gets that baby back. She should also go & get help for drug use & get clean. & she should do it for her baby. The baby must wonder does my mom & dad love me enough to come & get me back in to there safe hands where I belong. It truly breaks my heart.

  3. If you take the time to read the news article associated with this story, it’s immediately apparent that neither of this child’s patents had his best interests at heart. The mother WAS smoking MORE marijuana after the baby’s father was arrested fot DUI while going to get beer after having smoked marijuana… and yes the baby was in the car when he was arrested. These individuals were not ready to be parents.

  4. Tiare says:

    This is Horrible….I wanna look this Chick up on Facebook >.< She obviously is too young and dumb to have a child…Im sorry to come off so Rude, but who the hell would even put a baby on the roof of a car in the 1st place? This just remindes of those Irresposible Parents that forget about their babies in the car while they do things like…Shop, Getting a Hair Cut, Running Errands, etc. Your Baby's well-being should be Your #1 Priority!! She needs a Slap & I rank her one of the Worst Parents of the Year!

    • Tiare says:

      Thank you Lord this Innocent Child is Okay, and I have never left Anything or Anyone on the Roof of my Car 🙂

      • Rocio says:

        Age doesn’t matter! I was only 15 when I had my baby and I never did that. I think it just depends on how responsible the mother actually is!

        • Tiare says:

          My comment only meant that she wasn’t ready for the responsibility of having a baby. Im 24 and I thank the Lord and say outloud all the time that I wasn’t a Teen getting Pregnant…when I was 15, I would have never wanted a Baby, that’s too young in my Opinion. At that age, you should be worrying about your education, and if you do spread your legs @ that age, at least use protection (like birthcontrol, condoms) because that is like a baby trying to raise a baby.

  5. Kiersten says:

    I’ve left a cloth diaper on the trunk of my neon. At a red light some guy jumped out of his car and ran up and grabbed it thinking it was clothing. I think he realized when he handed it back to me that it was not clothing. Haha!

  6. Alycia says:

    This is the most disgusting thing I have read on here. How in the world could a mother not look in the back seat after getti into the car to check on baby and triple check that everything is all latched and safe to drive. The thought of a mother neglecting her child like that sickens me. Personally, I have never left anything on too of the car, and in will definitely not start with my child!!!

  7. Ondrea says:

    First off, who in the WORLD puts their baby on ANYTHING high up especially a car!!!? It makes me sick to think that could ever happen but THANKS to that baby’s guardian angels and some observant neighbors that little one was found safe before another vehicle possibly made it a worse situation… Thank God, that baby is ok

  8. Ashley says:

    I never put my son on top of the car. If there is any reason at all why I can’t put him into the car immediately, he goes on the ground next to me. I’ve had too many things fall off the car by accident to put something as precious as my baby up there

  9. Jessica says:

    I left the mail (that contained my son’s social security card and a hospital bill) on top of my car when my son was 3 weeks old. We made it all the way across town before I realized that I hadn’t put it in the car. Fortunately, the mail was waiting in the ditch across from my house for me when I got home (such a relief, because it was also a windy day). I learned from that experience that it isn’t wise to set ANYTHING important on top of a vehicle.

  10. *Sigh* I can’t judge for this. I think it’s a terrible thing that happened, but I did something similar. My infant was 2, maybe 3, weeks old, and we needed to go to Costco….45 minutes away for us. At that time, she cried ALL. THE. TIME. We didn’t know then that she was allergic to the dairy I was eating, so we assumed colic. We were EXHAUSTED. My husband was even on his paternity leave to help, but we were thoroughly exhausted. I don’t even remember what it was we thought we HAD to have from Costco. Anyways, he got the diaper bag, extra clothes, and my purse. I got the baby, the list, and the coupons. Then she had an accident, and had to be changed before we left. In this poopy craze, I put clean baby back in the car seat in the house while I went to clean myself of her accident. I forgot to buckle her in, I just set her in it because my hands and clothes were poopy. My husband was already outside, and I TOLD HIM I had her ready to go, so he didn’t double check, either. We drove all the way to Costco with the baby not buckled in. He went to get her out and told me I hadn’t buckled her in…I couldn’t even go in Costco I was so distraught. I just cried and cried thinking of all the awful things that COULD have happened but DIDN’T. I swore I’d never do it again…the week my husband went back to work, I did it again. Luckily, I remembered before I got too far, pulled over, and buckled her in properly. It’s tough to be a new mom, not know what to expect, be working on no sleep, and have your hormones so out of whack it causes depression. I’m not going to say I think this gal’s on MJ, because she could have just been exhausted. And don’t put the baby on top of the car? The ground is gross, people, she could have just been so tired and didn’t want the car seat on the dirty ground, put the car seat on top because she couldn’t think of a better place while she loaded up the car. I mean, it’s still likely she was just high, but there are other explanations that I’m sure most new moms can attest to.

  11. sheena says:

    omg how in the he** do you forget your baby on top of your car and why was that baby there in the first place what was more important then putting your baby in the car thats the first thing you do is put your baby in the car and make sure he are she is in there safty why would any mom put there child on top of the car sorry to me thats one dumb mother i hope the baby is fine and hopefully the baby is in a home that wants and loves and keeps it safe poor poor baby that makes me so so so mad

  12. Senbei says:

    You always put your child in the car first. Sheer stupidity and disregard of a human life.

  13. Alexis says:

    WoW craziness!!! She needs a break already

  14. Alyssa says:

    She must really love that child. Great mom. (not)

  15. Kristin says:

    My mom forgot my little brother in the back seat of the car when she ran into the store before…..but then again it was probably a liquor store too though. I cannot imagine the guilt of knowing you are responsible for a tiny little person that depends on you and only you to make sure that they are safe and taken care of, and just being so caught up in yourself to not notice something that has been with you for 10 months is not there anymore…that’s why irresponsible kids shouldn’t have kids!!

  16. Karla says:

    i don’t know what to say*_* people like that shouldn’t have kids!!!!

  17. Candy says:

    First of all why would u put your child on top of your car !!!!!!

    • Theresa says:

      My thoughts exactly, who in their right mind would do such a thing. I have never put my children on top of the car. She needs a serious lesson in parenting.

  18. Miriam says:

    Wow this is unbelievable what an irresponsible selfish little girl! people like this do not deserved to have children. I have been trying for years and was told I couldn’t have children. God healed my body and gave me a child and now, I am 9 weeks…this is just sad.. absolutely awful…

    • Erin says:

      Congrats on your pregnancy! I too thought I would never have a child my son is now 8. I never once left him by mistake because even in my worst sleep deprived state he was the first thing on my mind every move I made.

  19. Melissa says:

    MY brothers childhood freind went through a meth stage of his life. Lost a lot of brain cells. He forget his baby on top of his car, but he didn’t drive very far, only pulled out of the driveway i think, before he remembered the baby was on the car. The lil girl was fine, and he continues to work on his parenting to this day. In his case, hes a man, who made a lot of mistakes, but is working hard to be a good father to his daughter now with what brains he has left. He’s entirely clean now, but thats because hes committed to being better. unfortunately, not everyone is.

  20. CCB says:

    Some people need to realize that they are not perfect and things happen. It does not mean you are a bad mom or someone that should not have had kids, it means you are human. I am not saying that what happened is not terrible, it definitely is. However, people need to look in the mirror. I am sure there are things that have happened to first time moms that they are not proud of. I for one can say that but it absolutely made me a better parent. My son is 3ys old now and I have poked him in the eye by mistake, been too rough and even accidentally scratched him. These are all things that are unintentional but if he forgives me for the mistakes I have made then that is all that matters.

    • Theresa says:

      I agree accidents do happen, but you DO NOT put your child on top of the car

      • Erin says:

        Poking your child in the eye or scratching them is an honest oops not even a mistake. Leaving your child on the roof of your car is asinine. All parents make mistakes it is part of learning. What would be a reason for putting a car seat on the roof? If you had to put them down at all say to lift the front seat wouldn’t you simply place the seat on the ground by your feet? To lift the seat on to the roof of even the smallest car is strange enough but to not hear a big clunky car seat fall off as you drive is unbelievable. I have heard a cell phone fall off my roof as i drove.

  21. Tom says:

    Corporal punishment is in order.

  22. Pat says:

    Wow, there are a lot of judgmental people on this site. Remember God said “judge not, least you be judged.” My question to each of them is “have you ever made a mistake in your life?” If not, guess you are of a species other than those walking the earth.

    • michele says:

      OK i understand not judging but being as careless as this woman was, is just unacceptable. would you still be saying that if the baby had died? this could have easily killed a 5 week old.. the baby landed in an intersection!!

      • Erin says:

        So I guess the people that are in prison for child abuse should get out since they were judged and convicted. Let people live their lives sure but if they are hurting innocent children they deserve to be judged and stopped from hurting children.

  23. Merrie says:

    HERE’S A GREAT TIP, after many of my own “top of the car” losses (i.e. purses, wallets, and numerous beverages)…:
    Develop the habit that every time you are about to set ANYTHING on top of your car, PUT IT ON THE HOOD, in FRONT OF YOUR WINDSHIELD, NOT ON THE TOP OF THE CAR!!!… Since practicing this, I haven’t lost one thing, as I see it BEFORE I TAKE OFF…

    • Pat says:

      Ingenious – great tip people listen to Merrie. Thanks Merrie for being one of the few people who are not judging others, but giving good sound advice.

    • Pat says:

      Great idea – thankfully I have never put anything on top of my car and left it there. But, using the hood is ingenious. Finally, someone of this message board is saying something that will work. .

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