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A baby boy, Noah Ignacio Guzman, who doctors feared died inside of his mother's womb, is now nothing less than a real life Thanksgiving miracle. The baby was not alive when his mother and father arrived by ambulance at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Chicago. His mother, Jocelyn Robinson, was suffering severe complications due to placenta previa.

When mother and father arrived at the hospital, doctors immediately did an ultrasound and had to deliver the heartbreaking news that there was no heartbeat. The parents were devastated and grief stricken. You can’t imagine what it feels like to hear those words said to you about your baby. I can. I have heard them myself and I can tell you that there is nothing more painful or devastating to a parent’s heart.

What happened next is unbelievable. The doctors thought for sure that baby Noah was dead but the medical team needed to save his mother who was now bleeding profusely. Doctors began surgery to save her life when Dr. Sampson heard the baby gasp for air. This is a miracle and simultaneously scares me to death because that makes me wonder how many times mothers-to-be have been told that their baby no longer has a heartbeat when, in fact, it does.

"The baby did it again, and as quickly as we could possibly — I almost felt like I was throwing the baby at the nurse — like, quick, the team just responded immediately," said Dr. Sampson.

Noah Ignacio Guzman was born at Mount Sinai Hospital at 3:12 a.m. weighing 4 pounds and 13 ounces. Doctors did not think he was alive until that miracle moment when that little fighter shocked doctors and his parents by gasping for air.

He is in the pediatric intensive care unit, but baby Noah is alive. What an amazing birth story to recount for every Thanksgiving of his life. I am sure this family will be forever grateful to the doctors who saved mother and baby’s life and for the baby that these parents will get to hold in their arms as a reminder that miracles happen everyday, we only need to look for them.

Do you think baby Ignacio is a Thanksgiving miracle or was it a case of faulty ultrasound results?

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Miracle Thanksgiving Baby

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