Mindy Kaling Has the Sweetest Way of Bonding With Her Baby

I love Mindy Kaling! Not only for her iconic days on The Office, but for her unflinching attitude about living life as a woman with ambition, her way with words, and her gift to the world in The Mindy Show. Seriously, has anyone else watched that show? I love it so much and I'm so sad it's over. (Also was not a huge fan of how it ended, but that's another story for a different day, I suppose.) 

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Kaling has never been the type of woman to wax nostalgic about becoming a mom, or voice a strong opinion about motherhood–in fact, her books tell a different story in which she thought she might be destined to be the “fun aunt” as her role in life. But Kaling, like she has done a lot of things, become a mom in her own quiet, different, and still somehow bold way. She welcomed daughter Katherine Swati back in December of 2017 and since then, has been pretty private about her entrance into motherhood. However, the mom of a now almost six-month-old recently shared with People that she is staying bonded with her baby in a way that is actually scientifically proven to make a difference. 

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What magical way is the new mom bonding with her baby? By chatting with her constantly, even though her little one hasn't exactly started replying back yet. Kaling joked to the magazine that she basically had a 24/7 starring role in her own show with a captive audience who never left bad reviews, although she does fear her time is almost up in that regards. “Honestly, I feel like her first words are going to be, ‘Just stop. Please!'”

Fortunately, it doesn't matter if you annoy your baby with all that incessant chatter, because rest assured, that what you are doing is important for their language and learning development. Studies have shown that talking out loud in front of your baby, even if you're talking about silly thing like what you're doing–“folding laundry now!”–or eating–“wow, these brownies are good!”– can help your little one develop language skills and to learn more effectively from you. Essentially, not only is all that talking good for your baby's bond with you, but it boosts their smarts as well, so chat on, mamas, especially before they learn to talk back to you and remind you of how embarrassing you truly are. 

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In addition to bonding through chatter, Kaling shared an inside look at her new life as a mom, noting that she is breastfeeding and that despite the fact that getting up every three hours to nurse her baby was “a lot,” she was helped along by how much she is truly in love with her baby and the giant smiles that she is rewarded with. “But just when I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is overwhelming,’ she throws me a huge smile,” Kaling said. “It’s the best part of my day.”

She also shared that although she has been outspoken about loving her body just the way it is, she was also cautious about her weight gain during pregnancy. Kaling explained that she was very strict in keeping her weight gain to only 27 pounds during her pregnancy because 1. she “loves to eat” and 2. her doctor told her women who gained more than 30 pounds tend to have trouble losing the baby weight later on. So, she worked out every day during her pregnancy, right up until delivery, doing a lot of yoga, walking, and even jogging as long as possible. She exercised because she loves her body and wanted to stay healthy, and for that, I really admire her. From being a positive example of health to being totally real about the challenges of motherhood, Kaling is definitely a great role model for new moms to look up to. 


And just remember, if Kaling is able to hold her baby captive to listen to her talk all day long, you totally can too. 

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Mindy Kaling Has the Sweetest Way of Bonding With Her Baby

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