Why You Might Want To Eat More Salmon During Your Pregnancy

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Hopefully a few of you (besides me) are raising your hands in salmon solidarity and are nothing like my husband, who hates the stuff. Not only is salmon delicious, but we know it's healthy too. And now a new study is giving pregnant women even more of an excuse to indulge in my favorite sea creature. 

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The study, done by University of Southampton found that women eating salmon during pregnancy might help prevent asthma in their children. The difference in the asthma rates didn't show up until the children were over the age of two. For example, the rates of asthma in the two groups of children when they were six-months old were the same, but when those babies passed the age of two, the children whose mothers ate more salmon during their pregnancies had lower rates of asthma. 

The study is part of a larger move towards looking at the fascinating link between our health and what we eat, which obviously start pretty early on in the womb. And while this was just a preliminary study and doesn't mean, of course, that eating salmon = no asthma, it's an important step in looking at what might be causing the correlation. 

Obviously, some women worry about eating too much fish during their pregnancies, but salmon is actually a low-mercury fish so it's one of the safest seafoods for pregnant women. General advice says it's safe to eat seafood about once a week. 

And don't forget, if you're pregnant and eating salmon because it's healthy or just because you think it's delicious, don't forget to make sure it's well cooked before you eat it. No salmon sushi for the preggos in the land. 

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Why You Might Want To Eat More Salmon During Your Pregnancy

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