Men Are Getting Unsnipped!

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More than a half million men get vasectomies each year and new statistics reveal that at least 10 percent of those men later get reversals!

Rick Perk was almost 50 years old when – after getting married, having two children, getting snipped, getting a divorce, and then remarrying – he realized that he wanted a child with his new wife, 17 years after his vasectomy. He was unsnipped in 2010; and he and his wife welcomed a baby girl into their family last November.

According to a recent article, “a rising number of American men who underwent vasectomies … are choosing microsurgeries to re-hook or reroute their reproductive tubes, effectively restoring their fertility.”

With doctors stating that the success rate of reversals is “as good – if not better – than in vitro fertilizations (for women) in terms of live pregnancies,” more health-insurance providers are paying for the operation than ever before, which is perhaps lending a hand to this “unsnipping surge.”

So, why are more and more men opting to reverse their original decision? According to that article, these men usually give one of three reasons for the reversal: some lost a child to illness or accidents; some were remarried and wanted children with their new wives; and others just plain and simply realized they actually do want more babies.

In my opinion, men need to re-evaluate their snip-snip-ology.

Perhaps babies aren’t so scary. Maybe being a father is kind of rewarding and fun, even if you’re like Perk and pushing 50. Chances are your circumstances today will change tomorrow. Men seem squeamish enough over their wobbly bits being in any type of danger; so it only makes more sense – to me – to stay away from the lasers and knifes in the first place on the off chance that you change your mind later.

I am, however, happy to hear that these unsnipped men are still able to enjoy fatherhood. Being a parent is an amazing experience!

Have you and your partner discussed a vasectomy? Or, have you considered a reversal?

What do you think?

Men Are Getting Unsnipped!

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  1. Profile photo of sukismom sukismom says:

    I have only heard of guys getting vasectomies when the partner doesn’t want to be on birth control because it is reversible. It is one of the few male forms of birth control in my opinion.

  2. Profile photo of Ale Ale says:


  3. Profile photo of Teresa Teresa says:

    My husband too was w/ 2 girls and divorced and I did not have any children. After 10 years he had the reversal and after the doctor gave the ok to try it took 18 long months but it worked. We now have a healthy 16 month boy, whom is the joy of my life!

  4. Profile photo of Kim ShannonEditor Kim Shannon says:

    It’s great to hear real-life stories of the reversals working! I’m glad it worked for you two! Congrats!!

  5. Profile photo of Kim ShannonEditor Kim Shannon says:

    Thank you for your comment! I actually do know someone who got the procedure because he was afraid of babies and wanted to make sure he was never put in that situation to "deal" with. I know this isn’t the case for most men, but it apparently is for some; and my opinion IS negative in that scenario!
    Also, by saying that your circumstances today might change tomorrow, I simply meant that people cant foresee the future – and those who thought they would never get divorced and were sure they were done having children could end up divorced and married to someone new and wanting of another child. Or, perhaps you get the procedure because your wife has a high-risk for death or illness if she gives birth, only to find out years later that there was a cure, or it was a misdiagnosis, or sadly you still end up with another spouse … (of course this is an extreme example, I know that.)
    Also, I know many who get the procedure because they have 3-4 children, and think they are done and financially cannot support an additional child, only to find themselves a few years down the road without financial stresses, wondering if they could, in fact, support an additional child.
    I didn’t mean to offend those in committed, happy relationships – I was only offering up my personal opinion: Who Knows? Anything is possible in life, right? I always try to think of every scenario so that I can understand all sides of any story. But I DO support those who chose to get a vasectomy and may even consider it a possibility with my own spouse in the future, if it felt like the right decision. Maybe, someday, the procedure will be so successful and accepted that it will be a plausible option for birth control. Again, who knows! Life can be full of twists and turns!
    I love reading others’ opinions, so please keep them coming!! Thanks again for reading my blog post and commenting!

  6. Profile photo of Kim ShannonEditor Kim Shannon says:

    Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, I actually do know someone who got one because he was sure he’d make an awful father and hated (aka – was totally afraid of) infants, and decided to take matters into his own hands. There are men out there who let their fear get the best of them. I also have many friends who have opted to get this procedure done, and I support them 100%! For some people, it really is the best/smartest choice! Thanks again for reading this blog post and commenting! I love reading all of the various comments!

  7. Profile photo of Babybee Babybee says:

    Right on, I agree. My husband and I have talked about this also. We will make a decision when the time is right and it will have nothing to do with babies being ‘scary.’ He wouldn’t mind more, I am the one who hesitates…

  8. Profile photo of Jennie Jennie says:

    My husband and I were toying with either IVF or a reversal – since the success rate is comparable, and the reversal was about $15,000 less, we went that route. He had his vasectomy 20 years before – and after the procedure, I was pregnant before he ever even went in to see if it worked. Unfortunately, we suffered 3 miscarriages before delivering a healthy baby boy last year. 🙂

  9. Profile photo of Arlissa Arlissa says:

    I agree with Janelle’s post below…to make statements that suggest the majority of men are having a vasectomy because they’re afraid of fatherhood is ridiculous. Seriously, do you know someone who has done it for that reason? I don’t. But I do know plenty who’ve done it because they and their wife have decided to have no more children and so that their wife doesn’t have to use contraceptive chemicals or have a much riskier surgery.

  10. Profile photo of Janelle Janelle says:

    I think it’s interesting that men can choose to un-snip, that’s something I didn’t know. However, this article seems to be a bit slanted toward an idea that men do this because they think it’s inconvenient to have children with the whole "maybe babies aren’t so scary" comment.
    I don’t think this is the issue in most cases. Personally, I’m about to have our second child and after, my husband and I have decided that he will get the procedure done as soon as possible. Birth control does awful things to my system and it’s really not good for me. It’s not good for anyone, but the older you get, the worse it is on your system.
    We are not in a place financially where it would make sense to have any additional children and I’m already 35, so the responsible choice would be to stop having children and focus on the ones we have and build a family we can provide for without the constant fear of accidentally having another one.
    The procedure for women is far more invasive than the one he would get, so it just makes more sense.
    It’s not about fatherhood not being rewarding, that’s not a fair statement at all- it’s because we want to provide the children we already have with the best life possible and we aren’t interested in having any others.
    Also, saying "your circumstances will change tomorrow" may be the case for some, but those of us in committed, healthy marriages that actually take our vows seriously don’t really have that issue. Life based on "whatever I feel like right now" is what causes this sort of problem in the first place. This article’s info is great to know, but the surrounding opinions are seem to be a bit immature and reflect a perspective of selfishness and a biting opinion against men who would make this choice rather than a true picture of what most people do and why they get this procedure.
    I know a lot of people and literally NONE of my single friends would ever get this done. The people we know who have, are married and are done having children and they do it to save their wives from having to take hormone supplements and/or birth control the rest of their reproductive lives.

  11. Profile photo of Jessica Jessica says:

    I wish women could get reversals as well. But it is interesting that they can reverse the vasectomy.

  12. My husband was married for 11 years before his ex decided to leave him for another man… And before she did leave she had him get a vasectomy. He then met me after his divorce and being military… We got married within the next year. Well 3 years after being together, he got a reversal. A year after that… We got pregnant with out beautiful and wonderful son… Which is now 7 months old 🙂 our little miracle baby.

  13. Profile photo of my1st my1st says:

    I think its wonderful that men r choosing to reverse it.

  14. Profile photo of LLand LLand says:

    Prior to meeting my now husband, I had 3 boys with late spouse. Husband and I just had a daughter and are talking about me having 1 more. If we do decide to have one more, husband already has stated he will be having a vasectomy since with a new addition, that will mean he has 4 kids total and he is 49 right now. He does not want me to have a tubal since I am only 28 and there is more of a risk for me.


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