Meal Discounts for Well-Behaved Kiddlings?

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I totally get it.

You want to have a little change of pace and go to a nice restaurant, but you've got kids. Three kids, to be exact. So you round up your kids, strap them down in their car seats, and hope that they will behave at the five-star restaurant that your significant other got reservations for.

I was part of something like this once. I was the oldest out of the three kids, and at the ripe old age of 5 years old, I could recognize the longing that my parents had for a nice meal. My younger brother and sister, however, had the audacity to climb around in the booth that we were sitting at. 

We were put in a corner booth at this magnificent restaurant, and my siblings were crawling all over the place! They were hiding under the table, crawling on the back of the bench, and standing on the seats. I screamed, “Sit down! We are at a nice restaurant!” 

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Granted, they gave me no heed, but I felt justified because I was worried about my parents and their lovely night out. Truth is, we went to a buffet called Chuck-A-Rama, which is also known by many around the area as Upchuck-A-Rama, so the restaurant wasn't even that nice. And my siblings weren't even that out of hand. That were acting exactly how young toddlers should act.

But if your child was blessed with an unbelievably calm demeanor and is the most pleasant angel that has ever descended from the heavens, you should pay a visit to Carino Japanese Bistro in Calgary. 

Alicia and Daley Welsh took their daughter, Evie, who is absolutely adorable, by the way, with them to eat at Carino Japanese Bistro for Mother's Day

The staff was so impressed by Evie and her behavior that they were given a five dollar discount! How cool is that? Granted, this is an experience that probably will never happen on a regular basis, but hey, I'm down to at least give it a try. 

How about you? Do you avoid going out to eat when your kids are a little on the wild side? Do you just bite the bullet and take your kids even if they turn into little maniacs once you step foot in a nice restaurant?


What do you think?

Meal Discounts for Well-Behaved Kiddlings?

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  1. Nikki says:

    I have three kids (12, 10, and 5 months). The first two are very close in age, a year and nine months. At first, I didn’t have too much of a choice, all of my family wanted to be with them and the only places that could accommodate that were larger restaurants. If you plan ahead of time you can usually juggle it quite nicely. The hardest ages were 18 months- 2.5 years for both. The idea of sitting in a high chair for more than thirty minutes wasn’t for them. Still, I have always managed to get them in and out of restaurants with relatively few disruptions to other patrons. Things that helped: Books, coloring materials, Rubik’s cube (once they were over 4), small puzzles, CONVERSATION that included them (you have to prep for this believe it or not because most toddlers will just say “I don’t know” or give a one word answer):asked them age appropriate riddles, we told stories (improvised quite a bit of fun all original fairy tales), played “I spy,” or “would you rather.” They became quite social and engaged servers often with odd questions and stories, but it was comforting and I think entertaining to the staff that the kids met them as a sort of playmate. I will just caution that if you’re going to talk about a server’s behavior DO IT OUT of earshot of your children.

  2. Jules says:

    I’m not to that point, my boy being only 4 months old, but my oldest brother has 4 kids and when they were all younger and they’d go out to a restaurant and he knew they would just be a bit (or more than a bit) unruly and messy, so he’d always give a big tip (like a $20) because he knew they’d have to put up with his crazy kids.

    I think it’s good to try and get your kids from running around the restaurant like it’s a playground, and always watch them (especially at a buffet since I’ve seen unattended kids go to where the food is and put their hands on/in it)- but I don’t think they have to be little perfect angels- especially because kids aren’t quiet by nature. lol. Most people don’t mind as long as the parents aren’t /letting/ or encouraging their kids to be holy terrors.

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