You Won’t Believe What This Group Is Saying About C-Section Moms

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When you think c-section, do you think “lazy”? Now, before you come to my front door with pitchforks and torches,  do not think that women who get c-sections are lazy. I would never say or think such a thing. In fact, there are very few people that actually think that. And when I say few, I mean apparently 333 people think that.

A group of people called “Disciples of the New Dawn” have posted all over their Facebook page their view on women who get c-sections, and their view isn't particularly nice. They have the opinion that women who had c-sections didn't actually give birth — that they took the easy and lazy way out of childbirth. To add to that utter ridiculousness, they say that women who had c-sections should “show respect to superior women who actually had what it took to get the job done.” 

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On top of that, this supposedly religious group said that “God does not award credit for incomplete work,” meaning that God sees c-sections as not real births and that women aren't going to get credit for bringing new life to the earth because it wasn't “natural.”

Some of the things that have been said have been so extreme, however, that a lot of people are seeing this group as just being blatantly rude for the sake of a joke, meaning that they don't actually think these things — they're just trying to get a reaction out of people, specifically mothers who have had c-sections, all across the internet.

I'd say they're doing a pretty good job. It's one thing to make a satirical joke about politics or sports teams or even certain social issues, but when you start making jokes about things that are so personal and so sensitive, that's when you've crossed the line. 

Joke or not, this is not a cool move. 

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What do you think about this? Are you offended by what the Disciples of the New Dawn have said? Does it even faze you?


What do you think?

You Won’t Believe What This Group Is Saying About C-Section Moms

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  1. ANNA says:

    i dont care what everyone thinks lazy or not for me most important was safe delivery of my baby not what people think…you think that hospital stuff think highly about women who risk their baby ‘s life for natural delivery??i dont understand that you would care what people say when comes to the safety or life of your baby…seriously thats the concern?

  2. Yamilet says:

    HahahaHahAhaHaha <—-Thats what I think of these people. THEY- not their views- THEY are the joke. A very bad, pathetic, sad joke.

    I gave birth the "natural" way (without epidural), and I would NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER in a million-gazillion-trillion,qua-trillion years would EVER think a C-Section is anything but respectable. The thought that my body could be SLICED so that a baby is born literally sends shivers down my spine.

    Much respect to women who've had C-Section.

  3. This really offends me. I had both my children through c-section, not by choice. My first was my daughter she was 6 days over due so I was induced, I was set on having my baby naturally but her blood pressure was dropping so they asked if I still wanted to wait or do an emergency c -section. I hope everything mother would have the c-section at that point. My second time was my son and he was 6 days over due too. The Dr.’s advised me to do the c-section because it is unsafe for a baby to exceed a week over the 9 months. Soooo I obviously did what was best for my child and had a c-section. Believe me I was very upset both times about not being able to give birth naturally but it was a no brainser choice both times due to the wellbeing of my children.

    • ANNA says:

      exactly the same with me i would never ever put my baby at risk for high idea of vaginal delivery (??????)i had c section because breech baby and i dont feel “uncomplete” as some women would say or failure…they should be happy that baby was delivered safely and they even possible avoided brain damaged to the baby in many instances i have seen this in hospital and i was dismayed…women refused the c section when the heart rate was dropping and doctor literally begged her to do so and than disapointed that in last minute the baby was saved via emergency c-section..and she was unhappy because it was not vaginal delivery.i think that those are the women who measure their worth by pushing out baby through vagina and this is the source of their pride because they dont have anything else…my brain and carrier is source ogf my pride and those are my accomplishments not my vagina….

  4. valerie says:

    I have had 3 c- sections i will have a 4th in october, i couldnt push out my babies because my hips ar e too small and dont expand like normal. When I tried for hours to push out my first child, her shoulder kept getting stuck on my tailbone, no matter how much the doctor tried to get her out, she kept getting caught on my tailbone. Its not a matter of lazy, its a matter of our bodies aren’t perfect. But the truth is those who have c section have a tighter u know what… if u have a baby naturally u will be very loose down there this is a proven fact..

    • Yamilet says:

      LMAOOOOOO… Sorry Valerie,

      Your response is petty and typical of a catty woman- no different than that of this groups.’ Having a C-Section does not make/keep your “you-know-what” tight (It’s “vagina,” darling, get comfortable with your body parts).

      The vagina is a highly elastic muscle which means after childbirth your “hoo-haa” (since Vagina seems to offend you) goes back to normal 😉

    • Tania says:

      Actually the vagina goes back to its natural state. The tightness of your vagina has nothing to do with how small your hips are. So with this comment you are actually putting down those who had their child vaginally. Chose your words carefully. It isn’t about how mothers deliver that’s important, what’s important is the baby’s health.

  5. Isabella says:

    I pushed for HOURS trying have my daughter. Different positions, hours between time. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done!! But she still didn’t want to come out. She was stuck at my pelvic bone. When I was told I would have to have a c section I cried. It’s not about being lazy at all!! It’s doing what’s best for the health you and your baby!!

  6. Charlee says:

    I had a very risky pregnancy. I went into preterm labor at 7 months. Then at 40 1/2- 41 weeks I had been bed bound for three days before I went and saw my doctor. Turns out that I had Preeclampsia, but my doctors were willing to allow me to try for a normal vaginal birth. So, went to the hospital to have myself induced and the dumb Nurse Anesthesiologist had screwed up my epidural like two times. He did it so bad the second time that I practically blacked out from pain and they had troubles trying to numb me up later on in surgery (the doctors were thinking of having to take the risk of nock me out completely). So, after I got the my epidural done the dumb nurse then decides to shove an instrument inside (that would help me to enlarge) my down stairs and punctured my sack. The nurse then proceed to ignore us for two hours and no other nurses would pay us any attention. So, finally we got a hold of a nurse that would listen and she instructed my nurse to run for the doctor. She stood there and had the gal to ask do we really need to tell the doctor. She was forced to go get my doctor who then had to break my sack the rest of the way. He then instructed them that I was next and open an operating table now. By then my body was practically convulsing. I was wheeled into surgery where I had to wait a long time to try to get me ready for surgery because my epidural wasn’t working correctly. They had to Tie me down to the table and another person had to hold my legs down. I don’t remember much after that. I do know that I woke up by myself in recovery room. I didn’t really see or hold my kid till it was time to go back to my room. So, then 24 hours or so later I have had one antibiotic in me before surgery and now I am on two other very powerful antibiotics because my body is going through extremely hot temps or extremely cold temps and I’m cramping every where. They informed my parents that I had a bad infection. I then remember at least two times of coming out of it in the middle of one night where a bunch of nurses are standing all around me, the machines are screaming warning signs, and my dad’s voice in the back ground screaming for me to breath. I later got raped by a catheter by a nurse because I couldn’t pee and had an extended bladder. Then they found out that the underwear they had on me had latex inside of it when I’m allergic to latex. They only gave me Benadryl, an allergy pill and some cortisol. You think they would have taken it off me and given me something else to replace it, but no they left it on me. So, now have some scarring around that area from the underwear. Months later my dad let down his guard and slipped up to say how he had to follow my child to the NICU for a while and that I had stopped breathing twice in the middle of the night. Then my mother informed me about how they abused my child and she would no longer allow the child to be out of her site when she caught them. My child to this day still has problems because of what they did to her. Then the hospital had kept me for 6 days and still wanted to keep me for another two. I had to fight to get the out of that nightmare. It took me two full months to even recover from that. The first four days home I slept the whole time. Can you image what it’s like not to be able to hold your child, to dry up because can’t really nurse your child or your causing your child to be sick every time she eats, having yourself and your child abused and neglected, and etc. I still break down crying over what happened to her and me. I’m so thankful that I had my will done when I went in to that hospital.

  7. Jennifer says:

    That is ridiculous, I have had two c-sections. If a mother has to have a baby by c-section its for a reason not because we are lazy. For example with my first my ob told me if i had my baby naturally my hips & pelvis would break because of my small bone structure. I still decided to take the risk and was in labor for 26hours and did not dilate at all. Same with my second. No dilation. Its not because i was too lazy to try. Its not up to the mother whether she wants to have her babies naturally or by c-section. What kind of women can just judge other women on how everyone delivers their children. Whether a baby comes out naturally or by c-section i do believe it is still a gift from god. Everything happens for a reason. Every women im sure would love to have all of their children naturally but some of us aren’t so lucky and have to have c-sections for a reason.

  8. christina says:

    i have 2 children both were c-section and i had no choice my first childs heart rate kept going up and down so bad that the doctor finally said we had to take him or we could lose him comepletly and the area where i live is so small they dont have the option of giving natural birth after a c-section and i am grateful for it or i might not have my second child who started having breathing problems the minute she came out and spent a week in the nicu because of it and the recovery from a c-section is very hard

  9. Amanda says:

    I have had 3 children. My first two I had completely natural. The last one I had no choice but to have a c-section. She was breech and my water had already broke and labor was progressing rather quickly. Given the choice I would go for natural delivery over c-section any day! Whoever thinks having a c-section is “the easy way out” needs to have their head examined! That was the worst recovery experience I had of all three of my birthing experiences!!!

  10. Tatianna says:

    Very very sad that people criticize how children of God come into this world. I got so sick with my 1 year old I had to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance where I was told if I didn’t have a c-section as soon as possible that me and my child were going to die so to everybody that wants to criticize I ask them what would be the better option to either let my child pass away or have him by c-section? Your answer in the end will not matter to me because I thank God everyday that my child is safe and healthy. Whether you have a natural birth or a c-section it’s a hard job no matter what and you shouldn’t talk badly till you have been in our shoes.

    • Charlee says:

      If I had to make a choice between me and my child living, I would have died for her. I thank God for my child every day to. She is my miracle baby.

  11. TERESA says:

    I know there is only 1 judge in life. It is GOD. These ladies that are posting about C-sections don’t deserve your time or mine. Let it go and remember GOD is in control!! God bless all women who have babies no matter how they got delivered.

  12. Chinna says:

    Wow, what a bunch of whack job of incompetent moms. These are the ones that shouldn’t reproduce. I didn’t have a choice but to have a c-section. After waiting more that 24hrs to go into labor, I was only dilating 1 centimeter every 3 hours. My blood pressure skyrockets to 200/120 because my body couldn’t tolerate the pain. (even though I thought I could. : Listen to you’re bodies ladies lol) . The doctors tried 4 different BP Meds before one of them worked to get my BP down, but caused my baby’s HR to drop and his head was trapped in my pelvis bone. Had I gone natural (in the 70’s or early years before advanced medicine) both of us would have died. And I wanted to go natural, but I am thankful for modern medical practices of today. My baby was born on Sept, 11, 2014 (same day as my brother) Word of adivce to my preggo ladies. If you have a brother that you can’t stand, or that gets on your nerves, STOP being angry with him lol or you’ll have your baby on is birthday lol. We get along more now after my baby Joshua was born than we did before he was born. The irony LOL

  13. Jeannine says:

    Let’s start with a BIG WOW! I am a c-section mom, not by choice (I don’t care how a baby comes in this world c-sec or natural or with meds) but after almost 24 hrs of labor (9 hrs of which was natural before I got an epidural) my body just stopped dilating at 8 cm and my Dr said we had to do a c-section. The ignorant people in this group “disciples of the new dawn” blow my mind on there distorted views. If you go to there FB page & see what they have to say it will blow your mind too. They say c-section Moms are Lazy and if God wanted to call you home it is not your choice or the doctors, you should for go the c-section and die. I know women who have had babies 100% natural & more power to them, that’s awesome! And I know women who have had vaginal births with epidurals which is awesome as well & women who have had c-sections (by choice or not) Go us we are awesome too! In Gods eyes we are amazing women who DID give birth to amazing babies no matter what way they came out of us! Sorry this article got my blood boiling because of there ignorance and I had to vent. Enjoy your day everyone!

  14. Lisa says:

    If I had my child naturally we would have both died… I don’t call that lazy, I call that surviving and doing what is best for my child.

  15. Amanda says:

    I am not sure what Bible they are reading but it is NOT the HOLY BIBLE!!! LAZY?? is not the first thing that comes to mind when your baby’s heart rate is dangerously low and you are rushed into the OR to have your stomach sliced open to save her life!!! Does it also say in this “bible” to put yourself on a pedestal and judge other’s? Clearly not reading the same Bible, I will pray for this group.

  16. jenolinger says:

    Wow unbelievable..every child is a BLESSING and any woman who gives birth is a damn SUPER HERO ACTUALLY and I have had 4births. One still born @ 29weeks, 2 premature baby by teen weeks early n wonderful amazing gift from GOD WAS Frank breeched n actually stayed in me til 37weeks cuss he was breeched!! for 1 to say that it’s no way to give birth is a joke because I have had 3natural births no DRUGS .1 C SECTION and it was one of the hardest things ive been thru.. I must ask wtf would they do.. REALLY!!
    I was almost dead, 2 blood transfusion and a constant reminder of how my.lull Angel got. here cos OF WHOM MEEEEE (and great emergency obs)I GAVE him LIFE I carried him til I could no longer could and I knew I may DIE but I haD to give him a chance to have a life..SO ALL US MOMMY’S OUT THERE R SUPER MOMS & HEROS .. REGARDLESS WHAT SOME OF THE IDIOTS SAY GOD WANTED US TO HAVE THEM ANGELS AND WE PROVIDED CAUSE WERE MOMMIES WHO DON’T GIVE UP….

  17. Marissa says:

    People are ignorant they don’t stop and thinkthey want to say that having c-section is the lazy way but there are many complications that women have during childbirth I had my first baby June 23rd of 2014 and it was a c-section there werecomplication I pushed for 2 hours and was in labor for 23 hours he didn’t want to come out the doctors are worried about him being without amniotic fluid for so long so they decided to do an emergency c-section and God does not judge if a woman does not have a baby naturally every baby’s life is a miracle and c section is not the lazy way out people just have many complications and other people do not know their problems that they have going through labor

  18. jeannette5 says:

    Ridiculousness!! Have any of “them” cared for a baby immediately after being sliced open? To suggest that “God does not award credit for incomplete work” is beyond intelligible comprehension and an insult to God’s authority!

    • Charlie says:

      I can understand where this group are coming from, but wholeheartedly disagree with the lofty ground they speak from. i know movie stars and models, upper class divas etc. often pay for C sections because a natural birth my ‘ruin their figure’ or is just too much work in their busy lifestyle. But C sections play an important part in todays society. They can be life saving! If a doctor says to a pregnant woman you need a C section. I believe that God who is loving and mighty to save, will bless that child and bless the mother in the same way as were she to have a natural birth. God is Good lets remember that.

    • jenolinger says:

      Right..I was cut open n less then 48hrs later I was carrying for my 3 boys doing everything n lets say its much more painful n the recovery is no joke so those disciples r complete utter ignorant individuals and TO THE DISCIPLES “GOD JUDGES ME N IS THE JUDGE OF ALL SO U BEST HOPE HE ISN’T JUDGING U NOW CUS HES DISAPPOINTED WITH YOU ALL THAT HAVE SD SUCH STUPID STUFF

  19. allison says:

    My name is Allison n I have 3 beautiful children. NIKKO Who this June will be 15 this June and I had him c-section because he was breech. I went in for my weekly check to see if we were going to induce or not. But he was butt first n I was a week n half overdue. I asked if the could turn him because I always wanted to have a baby naturally but it would hurt me more than the baby. So I had the c-section. Now since I didn’t have any other reason other than him being breech I was able to have a vbac(vaginal birth after cesarean). Though I had to find a hospital that was facilitated for them. It is riskier because u can hemorrhage. I drove 60 miles to have my second child naturally n this time I did n his name is Seth n he will b 11 in December. I have to say recovery from c-section is not fun n it’s longer n slow and sometimes very painful. But giving birth naturally was so much quicker for recovery. So with my 3rd child I opted for the vbac again this Time the hospital was 100 miles away cause the other hospital wasn’t able to anymore since they lost the doctor who would do them. ANYWHO my daughter DECEMBER AURORA who was to b a vbac decided to come 7 wks early(st. Patrick’s Day 2012) but again she was breech but this time feet down. NIKKO was folded in half. So those mother may think they are superior I think that they are ignorant..IGNORANCE IS STUPIDITY AND PEOPLE ARE FULL OF IT. a quote out of one of my poems. IGNORANCE. God doesn’t reward use for having children the child are the reward. Duh. Sincerely Allison Howard….p.s.those women unfortunately don’t have anything better to do than to belittle others wonder how there households are. I bet it’s a living bell since they are so superior. When in fact they are I inferior.

  20. Rebecca says:

    I had to have an emergency C-section with my first daughter when I had a placental abruption at only 34 weeks. With my second daughter I had to have another C-section due to she got stuck in the birth canal and was going to break my hips it tried pushing her any further. Now I am pregnant with my third daughter and will automatically have a C-section due to my past history. How dare anyone say that having a C-section is the lazy way to have a child. Have you ever had 27 staples across your abdomen? I am a firm believer that these people will reap what they sow.

  21. Heather says:

    This group is saying a lot more than that. They are also stealing photos of children with down syndrome from various Down syndrome support sites, calling them autistic and saying the mothers are being punished with these “unwanted” children because they chose to get vaccinated and should have aborted. I agree they are probably being inflammatory for the sake of a reaction but many attempts have been made to have their page removed and either FB says it doesn’t break their rules, or the group just puts up another page. The best thing to do is to not give them the attention and reaction they are seeking. If everyone ignored them, they would get bored and go away!!

  22. Christian says:

    I had a C-section and this opinion doesn’t phase me at all. It’s pretty entertaining though. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if I think it’s a silly. I also I think the women in the group are all really blessed that this is something that they have time to feel passionately about. 🙂

  23. Lynnorya says:

    I agree with all the comments of all of you others mothers. I had my baby boy L on January 14th and I had to have a c-section, or me and my baby wouldn’t be here today. The doctor said I couldn’t deliver him natural, as much as I would love to, I wasn’t dilated enough. I had to do what was best for me and my baby. No one desires to have their baby via c-section they prefer to have them natural, but if it’s a great risk to the mother and child, then you have to make the decision to do what is necessary to make sure the mother and the baby survive childbirth. So this ignorant group of people saying that c-section birth is not natural, ya’ll are entitle to ya’ll opinion, however stupid it is, but I strong disagree with it. I have so many nasty words I could say to ya’ll, but I was told if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all. Maybe one, blow it out your blow hole.

  24. Melanie says:

    What I think is that this group needs to get their facts right!! my daughter gave birth that’s right gave birth by c section. Her body was turning on her. It was a matter of life or death for her and the baby. They had to take the baby when they did or My daughter kidneys would have shut down. Her blood pressure was shooting sky high and the baby was getting in distressed. So according to this group I should have let her and my granddaughter just die cause it a “sin” or “lazy” for her to get the c section. Well they can kiss my ass. God gave us doctors and the know how so my daughter and granddaughter could live. I think that’s taking the Word of God out of contexts to suit their needs.

    • Lisa says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Why would God give us doctors who can preform these surgeries if he didn’t want them to occur? It is a shame that some people can be so ignorant. I have Ulcerative Colitis and I found out after I had my child that if I had him naturally we would have both died. It was God’s blessing that he would not come out on his own and that is why I am here today. I was a week over due and he wouldn’t drop. They induced me and nothing happened. Next thing I know the nurses and doctors are rushing in because he was having a reaction to the Pitocin and his heart rate was dropping. I truly believe that was God’s will he didn’t allow him to come naturally as I was told I wouldn’t have survived and most likely my son wouldn’t have either.

  25. Cassie says:

    I don’t remember reading that in the Bible! Wow! And I’m sure God didn’t speak to them and say “If you have a c-section, you don’t get credit for birthing your baby.” How unfeeling of them to say such a thing.
    I had to have an emergency c-section and was in and out of consciousness throughout, writhing in pain when I was coherent! The pain medication had worn off and I could feel everything. Screaming out in pain, my whole upper body shaking uncontrollably. If that isn’t a nightmare of a birth, I don’t know what is. I think I can get SOME credit for what I had to go through. The healing is not a walk in the park either.
    I hate that these people are saying such negative things in the name of God! How many more people will turn away from religion or God because of their… blasphemy, really?

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