A Budget-Friendly Maternity Wardrobe You’ll Love

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As you go through pregnancy it can be difficult to find the right items that fit you well through more than one stage. Building a maternity wardrobe can add up quickly if you're buying new outfits for every stage of your pregnancy development. That's why it's amazing when you can find basics that will last you from the early days of pregnancy straight through your swelling bump and even postpartum recovery. 
maternity wardrobe strapless amazon
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This dress features a fresh flower pattern in a variety of colors. The stretchy fabric and strapless style mean easy wear through your pregnancy. Plus? Pockets! 

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Finding maternity tops that will also work for nursing means that much more wear that you can get out of them. This top has an adorable front tie that looks stylish but also functions well to conceal nursing panels and to provide some cover and snuggly areas for your little one once they are with you on the outside. If you prefer, you can also order this top style as a dress – double winner! 

maternity wardrobe maxi tank dress
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You can't go wrong with a basic tank maxi in a variety of color options. This one gets good reviews for being soft material and a forgiving style on different body types. 

maternity wardrobe leggings
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Whether you are looking for an option for your yoga class or just daily comfort, these over-the-bump leggings offer style and soft support at a price you can't beat. 

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On those days when you are feeling great about your growing bump, show off those gorgeous curves in this comfortable but still sexy ruched dress. It comes in a rainbow of colors and has a nice longer length.  

maternity wardrobe on a budget
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Full disclosure here – I have a pair of pants just like this from my first pregnancy (that daughter is now 11!) and I still wear them because they're so darn comfy. The slouchy style and adjustable waist mean a comfortable and customizable fit no matter what stage of pregnancy. 

maternity wardrobe compression socks
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If you spend a lot of time on your feet, or experience swelling, compression socks can be a pregnancy essential. But they aren't always pretty. These compression socks come in a variety of fun colors and patterns that can make this less-fun aspect of pregnancy a little bit brighter. 

maternity wardrobe underwear
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A growing bump, along with changing hips and bottom, can sometimes make your usual favorite panties less than comfortable to wear. These maternity panties are cut to accommodate your changing shape. Just be sure to check out the sizing tips.

maternity wardrobe portrait dress
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Finally, I can't get over how gorgeous all these expecting mamas look in their pregnancy photo shoots in this dress. Make the most of this gorgeous time in your life and get some shots of that beautiful belly! 

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A Budget-Friendly Maternity Wardrobe You’ll Love

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