Manicures and Pedicures: Pay Pennies, Splurge a Little or Break the Bank?


I sat down at the computer today considering a few options for blogs. Write about kids and money?  Back to school shopping? The huge repair bill I just got – and disputed?

I looked down at my nails to contemplate options and thought two things.

     1. Wow, they look baaaaaad!

     2. What a great blog post for today!

Manicures and pedicurespay pennies, splurge a little or break the bank?

Considered by some ladies as splurges that happen only once a year or for a special occasion, like before a wedding or holiday, I know others who go every few weeks to get massaged and painted.

I’m in the first camp (what a surprise, right?!) I love to get a great pedicure – nothing beats one, really, especially the massage! – but rarely have time to head to the salon between work and kids; and when I do have the time and consider making an appointment, this is what goes through my head: “$30-$40? I could do them at home for free!”  

Which leads me to today’s: pay pennies, splurge a little or go for broke post!

I would love to go regularly to get my nails done. I love the way they look after a great manicure, and the pedicures really feel great on my tired feet. I also love the fact that the polish they use, or perhaps the technique, makes the polish last much longer than the polish I use at home. I can get a pedicure at the salon and go an entire month without repainting; I do it at home and a few days later the paint has already started to chip.  

However, I feel guilty when I consider paying the money to get my nails done. I think about the other things I could do with that cash: buy the girls some new clothes and shoes, pay a medical bill, put it toward the monthly grocery budget.

What about you?  

Are you the kind of gal that pays pennies for manicures and pedicures, opting instead to do your nails at home?

Do you splurge a little, going every few months to a professional to have your nails clipped, buffed and painted, and then take care of the upkeep in between at your own home?

Or do you break the bank and go regularly to keep your nails looking great?   

And why?

What do you think?

Manicures and Pedicures: Pay Pennies, Splurge a Little or Break the Bank?

Kathy Murdock works as a full time writer and web designer. Recently planted in the middle of the deep south from the busy streets of Los Angeles, when she's not coding Wordpress websites or writing about women in business and thrifty motherhood, Kathy spends time photographing alligators, playing with her family, and running. ... More

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  1. Profile photo of nydia rivera nydia rivera says:

    I go every time I’m going to a holiday party or I have a birthday party for my kids, so about 8 times a year. And I do the regular upkeep in between, I think I deserve it, I work hard taking care of my kids, making sure they’re ok, and this is just the way to do it for me, to go every month or 6 weeks is just not in the budget!

  2. Profile photo of Desiree Desiree says:

    Getting my nails done is my way of saying "good job". And I deserve it. I only go about every 4-6 weeks but I feel better about myself, I feel more confident about my appearance – I even feel sexier with my man. Since I’m in the party plan industry I like a nice manicure before presenting products.

  3. As a cosmetologist I just do them myself or my bf does them for me he is actually pretty good

  4. Profile photo of ErinF ErinF says:

    As a massage therapist, I have to cut and file my fingernails often, so a manicure would go to waste on me. I’d love to get a professional pedi at some point, though!

  5. I didn’t used to go do this, but my friends told me I need to start doing something to get me out alone or with a friend that made me feel good and special. I think that doing this every 2-3 months is something I now do for my mental health. I get an hour break from my kids, housework and work.

  6. Profile photo of susief susief says:

    I get pedicures during the summer. I just feel better when I wear sandals. But I never get manicures because they don’t last!

  7. Profile photo of Mom2two12 Mom2two12 says:

    I unfortunately don’t splurge ever on myself. Be nice to do something for myself once in awhile.


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