Making Homework Work for Your Family

Making Homework Work for Your Family Picture

Right about now a lot of us parents are looking forward to summer vacation already! Why? Because we’re immersed in the homework hassles that come with a new grade level, a new teacher, and new expectations.

But it doesn’t have to be that difficult. The idea is to set up a routine that works for your family, and to stick with it.

  • After school is the best time to get homework done. And if this is the habit, then evenings and after dinner times can be pleasant because homework is already out of the way.
  • Set up a healthy snack on the kitchen table, clear away all other distractions, and let kids spread out and work within your ear-shot. If they need help, you’re right there, but you don’t have to look over their shoulders.
  • Keep tabs on what your kids are studying in school, so you can ask questions and bring up discussions later on at the dinner table. For example, when kids are learning American History, you could mention to them that their aunt went to college in Philadelphia, and maybe give her a call to make the city more tangible to children who live far away.

Share your tips for making homework less stressful for kids – and parents! 

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Making Homework Work for Your Family

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