Major Crisis!!! (Otherwise Known as ‘I’m Hungry’)

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Today, my six-year-old suffered a painful regression. She was struck with an attack of separation anxiety when I told her I was going out and followed me from bedroom to bathroom to living room, whining incessantly about my impending departure. Mind you, she had plenty to do – television shows she likes that she was allowed to watch, a brother and sister to bother, her favorite babysitter to color and craft and play with her. I tried to convince her that life was good, and that all this fussing was pointless, but she was unconvinced. Until I made her a bagel. At first I thought, “Ah, to be six again; when life’s pains are all solved by some carbs with cream cheese.” And then I thought, “Dang, I’m *age edited for vanity* and I still feel better after a tasty snack.”

Sometimes I forget that my children, despite their expansive vocabularies, are just kids. They don’t know how to put together the fact that they might feel a little hungry with the grumpiness that tends to invade right alongside the hunger. All they know how to do is roll with the emotions. Heck, even I have trouble with being patient, communicative, or pleasant when hunger strikes – until I get a snack!

 And I find that this is the case with most of our issues. Crying over every little issue? Probably stayed up too late last night. Being incredibly stubborn about cleaning up toys? Might have something to do with not eating enough breakfast this morning. They will even stand there, whining about some perceived injustice as if it is the worst crime against humanity (He took the blue crayon to color Spiderman and I was going to use it to color Rainbow Dash and Spiderman isn’t even BLUE!), dancing from foot to foot to keep up the complaints until I order them to go use the potty. And suddenly everything is better and they’re off to play with a smile.

As a parent, this is something I struggle with daily. I explain to them that if they can just think for a moment about what they are feeling, they’ll see that these things are not such a big deal and that MAYBE the issue lies elsewhere. But really? They’re kids. I can’t hold them entirely responsible for this. Even I get snappy with my husband when I skipped lunch and dinner is running late and everyone needs something right that second and I JUST NEED SOME FOOD!

What about at your house? Do you find that the little things become big things when hunger, fatigue, or some other physical issue is at hand? How do you deal? 

What do you think?

Major Crisis!!! (Otherwise Known as ‘I’m Hungry’)

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  1. Profile photo of nydia rivera nydia rivera says:

    My daughter never had a problem, she’s a picky eater, and when she went to daycare, even if she was hungry, she never cried or had any hysterics, and she was 3. Even if I would try to feed her, she wanted to eat with the other big kids, and nothing I could do would make her eat. So what I would do was just give her a yogurt and lots of water and then take her food to the daycare center.

  2. Profile photo of booboo52308 booboo52308 says:

    Thats so funny, my daughter cries to not go to daycare if she hasn’t eaten. She is very picky with her food so it takes a while for her to choose something she wants to eat.

  3. Profile photo of atothedbly atothedbly says:

    I just had this happen with my son… he just started up preschool and in the morning if he gets hungry before I drop him off he crys and says that he doesnt want to go to school! And you have to understand my sonLOVES preschool and playing with all the kids there… So the other day I offered him a muffin when he started begging me to let him stay home.. he ate it, and was all of a sudden ready and willing to go! Like magic haha

  4. Profile photo of krsy001 krsy001 says:

    This sounds like my daughter to a T!!! She barely eats breakfast and when she does, she is hungry an hour later, sooner when she barely eats it. I tell her to go grab some carrots or grapes from the fridge to tide her over.

  5. Profile photo of april april says:

    I have only one child right now but this does sound a lot like my house when schedules get changed around just a little it seems to throw the rhythm off. Only thing that usually works is to try to get back on track while still trying to stay cool. It doesn’t always work but its great trying. 🙂


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