What Made You Decide to Become a Parent?

We asked our EverydayFamily Facebook community a big question: What made you decide to become a parent? These were the answers we received. Check them out! Some of them may surprise you …

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Jessica P: You know, I was going to say something like “I got pregnant.” But getting pregnant and giving birth do not automatically make you a parent. You have to consciously decide to take care of the small person you created. You have to lose sleep and get frustrated and feel like you're the worst parent ever. And you have to change blowouts and kiss boo-boos and give extra cuddles. Being a parent is hard. And not everyone chooses to be one once they have a child.

Jen P: The two pink lines! I never thought I would be a mom. I was told that I could never have kids because of medical reasons. So when I took the test and saw the pink lines, there were no words! I am now pregnant with our third miracle!

‪Brittiny E:‪ We always wanted kids. Started trying on our honeymoon. Six months later we were pregnant with our first … all our kids were planned. We're now expecting #3. We've always said 4, but pregnancy really is taking its toll on me. I don't know if I can do this again, but we will see. Won't be making any permanent decisions after this baby is born.

Samantha N: I always wanted at least two kids. After being with my husband for 10 years, married for three, he got through his exams and got into his PhD program. That was my green light. We conceived almost immediately. She's now six months old, we're coming up on our five year anniversary, and a few days before her birthday we'll have been together for 12 years total. I had to wait a long time for it, but it finally happened! Some days I wonder what I was thinking and then she smiles at me and I remember it's all worth it. I want one more but then I think that'll be it. My husband still insists he doesn't think we'll have another. I, however, would love to try for a boy and give her a sibling. I couldn't imagine being an only child.

Krissy PR: I fell in love with a single father. I've been a parent to his kids for seven years. We weren't planning on having kids but I'm due with my first (and only) in November. I'm already a mom, so this baby will be my biological first but will be #3 for us both. His kids are my kids, too. I just didn't meet them until they were five- and seven-years-old. 

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‪Cyndi A:‪ I always wanted to be a mom. Children are funny, loving, and I wanted to give someone all the memories and fun I had as a child. I forgot they turn into teens! Lol!

‪Mason-Alicia B‪: We were married for a year and a half and decided to make an even bigger commitment to each other by raising our own tiny human together. She's almost nine months now and has brought so much joy to our marriage.


‪Amelia G‪: I've always wanted to be a mom …but I don't know … One day my husband came home and was like, “I want to start trying now.” And so we did. Got pregnant on the first try. I wouldn't change a single thing.

Christy C: This is a great question. What made me decide to be a parent? Well, I decided to become a parent because this world needs more good than bad. I decided to become a parent so that my love and knowledge, learned from parents, is passed along for generations.

‪Crystal MK‪: I met my husband and I wanted the best part of us! Our beautiful twin daughters are him and me put together, all wrapped up in our innocence and sweetness! We are now having a son. I can not wait to see how he is. My husband is amazing & our relationship/bond is the reason for me wanting children.

Breanna J: I think for me, it didn't actually hit me that my whole life wasn't even my whole life anymore until the minute I held my first baby girl. That's when I decided to be a parent. To love and protect this little bundle that needed me and loved me already. That's when I decided I would never let anything or anyone hurt her.

Nicole H: When I met my now husband and we got married, I knew I wanted parts of him and I walking this Earth. The thought fed my soul. Now, seven years later we have two beautiful children and are a happy and complete family!

Denise S: How did I decide to become a parent? I had a lot of love to share and I felt the world could use another intelligent human being to continue the fight against ignorance and make the world just a little better.

Amber Faye M: When God finally decided it was time!! Then we welcomed our beautiful son into the world on July 4, 2014. Best day of my life!! 

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Krysta M: Never thought I'd be anything but a fur mom. The minute I found out I was pregnant I quit doing anything that could risk losing him. I was very cautious. Now he's seven months old and extremely healthy and happy. He's my miracle.

‪Summer W‪: For the life of me I don't remember. ‪Honestly, it has been a wild ride, but I'm glad I've become a parent. My kids are what keep me going.

Tara MG: The universe decided it for me and I couldn't be happier!

Michelle CL: I had a little girl who needed a home, an adopted daughter. That is how we started our family. She was three and a half.

Jen H: Playing with my friend's then-three-year-old daughter. That night I asked my husband for a baby.

Mindy HP: I always wanted to be a mom. Whenever I was asked “what do you want to be when you grow up ” I answered “a mommy”

How did you decide you were going to become a parent?

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What Made You Decide to Become a Parent?

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