To All the Lonely Moms

You felt it first at night, the first stirrings of the fever in your body, the cells slowly taken over by the invaders of the virus that brought all your children down and will surely be your undoing in the morning. 

You know — oh you just know — that it's going to be a bad one, that it's a stomach bug that will not give you a moment's rest, and after the horror that was cleaning up after your children, you know what you're in for. 

You look at your husband, a pleading look in your eyes, even though you know — oh you just know — that he used his last sick day when he was the sick one and his boss would never let him take more time off. 

You want nothing more than to curl up and cry and sleep this off, and you are so, so exhausted just thinking about how hard the next day is going to be, with four little people at home, who rely on you and need you, with the incessant demands that won't care that you are too sick to lift up your own head. 

Oh, Mama. Can I just say that I feel you?

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In every moment when you look at the clock to see that (horror of horrors) you still have hours left in your day, in every moment when you wonder what on earth you are doing, in every moment you wonder who thought it would be a good idea to stay home alone all day, let me say that you are just one in a sea of mothers going through the exact same thing. 

I've been there, in the unsettling sadness of knowing that you have no one to call when you're sick, in the feeling of desperation when all of them are crying at once and you wish, even for the briefest of seconds, that someone — anyone — could come make it all stop, in the moments when you wonder if anyone could actually see what your life was like on a reality Facebook sneak peek, you would be so, so mortified. 

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For every time you woke up and wondered how on earth you would manage today, for every minute that you heard the harshness in your voice and wished desperately you could take it away, for every time the days seemed to stretch on and on, please just know–

You really aren't alone.  

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To All the Lonely Moms

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