Got a Little Traveler? Check Out These Sweet Gifts!

If you’ve got a little jet-setter, the holidays can be their perfect time to help them stock up on the things they need for safe, smooth travel. Whether they travel to grandma's out of state or just to their best buddy’s house down the street, these gifts are sure to help them feel like the important little traveler that they are.

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Their Very Own Suitcase

Many kids are accustomed to having their clothes and belongings packing into the same bag as those of a parent or sibling. This holiday season, considering gifting your little traveler a suitcase  they can call their own.

Kid-Safe Ear Buds

Just because they love listening to the Calliou theme song over and over as they travel doesn’t mean that you do. Consider stuffing some sweet earbuds into their stocking that they can use when they travel.

A Personalized Luggage Tag

If your little one flies frequently they’ll the love ability to spot their bag quickly that a personalized name tag affords. If your child doesn’t often (or ever) fly, they’ll still enjoy seeing the familiar letters of their name scrawled across this personalized name tag. 

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A Car Pillow

Traveling can be exhausting. Prevent neck and backaches by gifting your child a comfortable neck pillow that they can use on long rides. Neck pillows not only keep your kiddo comfortable, they also prevent that flopped-over-in-the-car-seat look that makes parents everywhere cringe.

A Paint-with-Water Book

Even the most seasoned traveler can get bored on a long commute. Consider keeping your little traveler busy (and clean) with a paint-with-water book. These books allow kids to get creative and stay entertained without any worry about a mess in the car.

A Map

Many kids today have never spent time looking at a paper map. Consider helping your child begin to identify where they are in relation to the world by purchasing one just for them. If you’re able, think about highlighting or drawing a symbol for important cities or places so your child can easily spot them. 

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 Do you have any favorite gifts for the little traveler in your life?

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Got a Little Traveler? Check Out These Sweet Gifts!

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