Want a Little Genius? Consider Feeding Your Baby an Egg a Day!

A new study, reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, suggests that feeding babies one egg per day, starting at six months of age, increases important biomarkers of brain development. The study, conducted by the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis looked at 163 babies, 80 of whom were fed one egg per day. At the end of a six month period, the babies who had eaten an egg each day showed higher levels of choline and DHA, both of which play a major role in brain development.

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If you’ve got a tot with an appetite and you’re interested in feeding them a super-nutritious food that just might give them a brain boost, consider adding eggs to their diet. Check out the ideas below for baby-approved ways to serve eggs.

  1. Scrambled: Scrambled eggs make for an easy to cook, quick-to-eat meal that many babies and toddlers love. For some extra flavor, add a splash of half and half or heavy cream as you scramble your eggs and watch your baby enjoy their meal!
  2. With veggies and fruit: For a complete meal, add some veggies and fruit to your little one’s plate. Many kiddos enjoy sliced grapes, blackberries or blueberries, avocado or sliced red peppers.
  3. On toast: Many grownups enjoy an egg over easy, over toast and with bacon. Many babies do too! Cook your toddler’s egg, toast their bread, and cook their bacon. You’ll likely have to do some serious slicing if you want your babe to be able to eat using their fingers rather than being fed with a spoon but they’ll love all the flavor they find on their plate!
  4. Hard-boiled: Hard-boiled eggs are an easy make-ahead breakfast that you can cook over the weekend and serve to your babe throughout the week. Be sure to slice the egg into pea-sized pieces before letting your little one dig in.

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Does your little one love eggs? 

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Want a Little Genius? Consider Feeding Your Baby an Egg a Day!

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