Make a List: Check Out These 5 Non-Toy Gift Ideas

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We all know there’s a lot more to a good childhood than having the newest toys, but it can still be tough to avoid loading your kids up with new things around the holidays. Whether your kids are begging for the newest toy, you’re trying to keep up with the piles of presents you see on Instagram, or you just get too tempted each time you pass the toy aisle, consider choosing something else for your little ones this year. Check out the ideas below for non-toy ideas any kid will love!

A dinner date

Whether they say it or not, one-on-one time with someone special is a real treat for kids. Instead of wrapping up a new toy for your little one, let them know that you’ll be taking them out, just the two of you, to dinner at a restaurant of their choice. This non-toy gift is sure to be a hit!

Tickets to a museum

There’s nothing more exciting than watching a child learn. This holiday season, instead of getting your child a toy they’ll soon forget about, give them the opportunity to learn something they’ll remember forever. 

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A subscription to Audible

If your child loves to hear stories, consider gifting them a subscription to Audible. With a subscription to audible, your little one will get the chance to hear a wonderful story when they’re on long car rides or as they drift off to sleep. 

Kitchen tools

If you’ve got a budding chef on your hands, skip the toy fruits and plastic pots and pans. Consider giving your little one the real thing. With real kitchen tools, your little one will be able to bake and create to their heart's content. 

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Outdoor gear

Instead of getting your child imitation camping gear or a sleeping bag that’s not meant to be used outside, use the holidays as an opportunity to stock them up on outdoor gear that will really work when they go camping. Opening up a real lantern, a quality sleeping bag, or an outdoor tent will bring them all kinds of joy!

What's your favorite non-toy gift for children?

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Make a List: Check Out These 5 Non-Toy Gift Ideas

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  1. sayhola says:

    My favorite non-toy gift would be lessons, tickets, or memberships! An annual zoo membership, swimming or music lessons, tickets to the children’s museum, etc. all make wonderful gifts for families (especially from grandparents!), and offer opportunities for many memories and learning as well! You can’t put a price on quality family time, so these types of gifts are FABULOUS!

    • Megan Klay says:

      I agree! My son’s grandparents haven’t caught onto this yet, I think they like that he’ll have something to open that isn’t just a piece of paper stating membership? Wish I could get them on board!


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