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Lisa Kudrow and husband Michel Stern’s only child, Julian, does not want any siblings. According to Kudrow, her 14-year-old son has been saying no more siblings since he could talk.

“He doesn’t want siblings. Since he could talk he’d say, ‘No, no I don’t want a sister or a brother,’” the actress, 48, recalls. “Someone would get pregnant and he’d say, ‘But you’re not, right?’” The lack of siblings has Kudrow feeling a little bad for her boy, only because he will shoulder the entire burden of caring for them when they get older. She goes onto say, “Hopefully he’ll marry someone with a nice family too and he’ll have a family, he wants to have a lot of kids.”

Now I have nothing against parents of only children, I understand the want and desire to have only one child and the other circumstances that make having a second child not possible or desirable. I don’t think only children are damaged in any way by being an “only” and think that they can have a childhood just as fulfilling as my children with siblings will have. However, the thing that strikes me odd about this situation is that Kudrow seems to be willing to cater to her son’s desire to not have siblings. Especially when she says he wants to have lots of children of his own.

I don’t think it is right or normal for a parent to allow their child to make the decision of how many children to bring into the family. While I understand that Kudrow and her husband’s choice to not have any more children was ultimately theirs, and there could in fact be other factors affecting their decision, I just think it is odd.

Would you allow your child a say in whether or not you have more children? 

What do you think?

Lisa Kudrow’s Son On Siblings

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  1. Ms. Montgomery – you are basing this on the many, many conversations you have had with Ms. Kudrow…right? Because, surely you aren’t making ridiculous assumptions about someone’s private life based on this one, short article. I mean THAT would be crazy and unprofessional. Right?

  2. It is momma bear and father bears choice but I don’t think that makes the little boy selfish just because he doesn’t want to share mommy and daddy to someone he has never met or expierienced there company don’t get me wrong I have two children and one on the way and I love how big my family is but I also have friends with one child and their children share and are kind to others… My friend Lori told my friend Sandra she needed to have more kids (because she only has the one) and Sandra asked Lori, "Why!?!?!?" Lori replied, "So they can learn to share with eachother.." Sandra laughed and said, "Oh yah and how is that working out for you and your five children who couldn’t share a years supply off food with eachother let alone one toy." Lori laughed. "Your right Sandra I would just stick with the one." It was soooooo freaking funny!

  3. Profile photo of Vfgfaithtmt Vfgfaithtmt says:

    No I don’t think it is right. It sounds selfish to me that he just wants all the attention for himself. It is the parent’s choice.

  4. Profile photo of thesemom thesemom says:

    My son said the same thing until his little brother was born! He LOVES his little brother to the point that if he starts to cry my oldest runs to him first! Having the second child was a great addition for everyone in the family!

  5. Way to give your child so much power over family decisions! I think the son is incredibly selfish, especially after reading that he wants lots of children. Unfortunately, as much as Lisa Kudrow feels bad that he’ll be the only one taking care of them, if he’s so controlling of his parents’ decisions now, they’ll probably end up in a home.

  6. Profile photo of Emily Emily says:

    The article never mentions that she stated she is specifically catering to her son, it appears more like she is commenting on how her child does not desire siblings. Every parent is different. I only originally wanted one child however after giving birth to my daughter I realized I wanted her to have a sibling to grow up with and am about to give birth to her brother.
    My cousin who is now 35 also never wanted siblings. She loved being an only child and as it turns out my Aunt couldn’t have any more children anyway. There is nothing wrong with her for not wanting siblings and nothing odd about the situation.

  7. Profile photo of Iva Iva says:

    shouldn’t the kid say I want sibling?

  8. I think that I would take my child’s opinion into account, but ultimately the decision would be ours.

  9. Profile photo of Michaelene Michaelene says:

    The only time I think it seems almost acceptable for a child to tell his/her parents to not have more kids is if that child is already doing the "raising" of the younger ones. I work with high schoolers, and I think it is sad when they are the ones who have to get the young ones off to school or stay home from their own school when a sibling is sick.

  10. i’d be more inclined to find out why he didnt want siblings at all. that seems weird. my daughter was all kinds of excited when we mentioned the idea of her having a brother or a sister and while i thought for sure the excitement would wear off, she’s now anxiously awaiting the arrival of sibling number 2, just as eager and happy to welcome him and help out. i’d never let my child determine when or how many children we had, but i would make sure that child was properly prepared, whether it was simply a sit down conversation or maybe even a therapy session or two.

  11. Profile photo of Indiana07 Indiana07 says:

    No, that decision is between my husband and I, not my child. We will have however many children we want regardless of what our first child says.

  12. Profile photo of heps7 heps7 says:

    You are the parent. You make the decisions and it’s not up to the child whether or not you want more kids. My husband has a son from a previous relationship and lets him do whatever he wants. My husband caters to him not the other way around. It drives me nuts. He’s not learning anything in the long run and it’s really starting to affect him. The world isn’t fair and you don’t always get what you want.

  13. Profile photo of stephanie stephanie says:

    Children shouldn’t have a say in ANYTHING the parents do, that’s why we as parents are there, to make those decisions for them and they have to adjust to what ever we put them through whether they like it or not, This kid sounds like he doesn’t want to share what ever privileges hes grown up with and that sense of entitlement will only do harm in the long run.


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