The Life Cycle of a Lovie Is Short

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These are my daughter's Pinkies. She goes to bed with all of them every single night, and we have to have all of them. They're sisters, so they can’t be separated. It started as a stuffed puppy collection, actually, and I think Spot was the first one she accumulated.

From Spot, we added Brownie (a generic, brown dog), and then Oliver Jr., who was purchased because he looked exactly like our actual dog, Oliver. And then we added Pinky — a silky, fluffy, pink poodle that gets dirty very quickly and is not machine washable. Of course, this was her favorite. 

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I didn't realize she had grown so attached to them, to be honest. I didn't have a special toy that I needed to be with at all times when I was a child, so it never even occurred to me that she would. However, when we left the original Pinky at the hair salon and I rocked a sobbing toddler to sleep, it became painfully clear how much it meant to her. Right then, I navigated to Amazon and purchased two more with express shipping.

And so the Pinky collection was born. We have gone through seven so far, and thankfully, she doesn't mind if the old ones get replaced. She's completely accepting of “New Pinkies,” as they are called, until they get as ratty and yucky as the ones that have come before.

Spot, Brownie, and Oliver Jr. have been left in the toy bin, alone and forgotten, with the other five pounds of stuffed animals she has, but the Pinkies are part of her inner circle, and during the day, you can find me deftly navigating around Pinky landmines while I balance a load of laundry on my hip.

I'd say, on average, that we go through one Pinky every six months, and she keeps four with her at all times. Luckily, these things are extra affordable at $3 a pop, so I am absolutely OK with spending $6 a year to keep the munchkin happy.

Image via Rachel Engel

I know one day, which will come way too soon, I will put her to bed and notice that the Pinkies are on the floor, just as forgotten as the others. I will gladly indulge her for as long as she wants me to because they're only little for a short while.

Long live the Pinkies!


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The Life Cycle of a Lovie Is Short

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