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What are your plans for Thanksgiving? My far-away sister is coming with her little family; I can barely stand myself because I’m so excited to see them. This year, my family is going to add something new and exciting to the dinner menu; and since I think a lot of you are anticipating the arrival of far-away family too, I thought it would be fun to keep each other company while we wait for the rest of our loved ones.

Let’s cozy up in our kitchens with a plate of pumpkin bread French toast, and a cup of chai, while we gush over all of the awesome recipes we have here at EverydayFamily; I think you’re going to love them.

veggies and potatoes
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Roasted Veggies + Garlic Roasted Rosemary Mashed Potatoes

Kelly isn’t kidding when she describes roasted vegetables as the best kept secret in the kitchen.

In her blog she says, “Almost any vegetable you find in the produce section can be roasted into such rich sweet flavors.”

Boiled Brussels sprouts, fine. Roasted Brussels sprouts, so good.
Boiled asparagus, mush. Roasted asparagus, delicious.
Boiled cabbage, alright. Roasted cabbage, even better.
Boiled carrots, meh. Roasted carrots, can’t get enough.
Boiled cauliflower, love. Roasted cauliflower, OMG.

Roasted vegetables really are the best kept secret in the kitchen.

Roasted veggies taste wonderful, plus require very little preparation and cleanup. They make a perfect addition to any Thanksgiving meal. Let’s head on over to Kelly’s and roast some of this goodness with her.

While we’re on the subject of creating amazing additions to our Thanksgiving meal, let me just share another little secret with you. Garlic roasted rosemary mashed potatoes.

Kari Karch is Kenmore’s in-house chef, and if the name of this dish makes your mouth water like it does mine, you can find her recipe and video right over here. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to enter the Kenmore sweepstakes

roast and chicken
Images via Kelly Pugliano and Becky Rosenthal

Chicken Vegetable Pasta + Perfect Pot Roast

Sometimes my family will do a little changeup on traditional Thanksgiving food, and we will completely ditch the turkey. Which is awesome for me because I strongly dislike it anyway.

Replace your tired turkey with something a little different this year.

So, if you’re craving a little changeup this year, Becky and Kelly both have some delicious recipes that will be pleasantly surprising, and equally as pleasing to your Thanksgiving dinner guests. Try Becky’s chicken vegetable pasta, it might sound a little too casual for a holiday party, but she fancies it up with a beautiful sauce of lemon and garlic.


Kelly never fails to share her best food finds with us; she hit gold when she discovered The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for an amazing pot roast. With fresh herbs and caramelized veggies, this really might be as Kelly explains it: “perfect.” 

And if you're just not willing to give up the turkey? Check out our tips for the bird and more: Thanksgiving Dinner Tips & Recipes

cheesecake and strawberry
Images via Becky Rosenthal

Honey Almond Cheesecake + Strawberry Rhubarb Frozen Yogurt

I literally drool over all of Becky Rosenthal’s recipes. But these ones in particular beg to be added to the Thanksgiving dessert lineup.

Honey almond cheesecake makes a lovely surprise in a sea of pies.

Isn’t pie’s greatest companion, ice cream? I have always thought so and yet it has never made an appearance at any Thanksgiving dinner that I have attended, so I thought that I’d share Becky’s recipe for strawberry rhubarb frozen yogurt, as well as her instructions for making this easy honey almond cheesecake – the perfect alternative for a tired pie. 

What is you favorite Thanksgiving dessert? Are you ready for something new?

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Keeping the Little Ones Happy

What do your kids usually do while everyone is preparing for the big dinner? My kids like to make messes, and they like to cook; essentially, they enjoy having a hand in the chaos.

Kids are sure to have a good time too, whether they're in the kitchen, cooking with you, or crafting something special for the table.

So, just in case your kids like to do the same, we have some fun things to keep the controlled chaos going.  It's always fun for kids to have a hand in meal preparation, and it can be fun for us as parents, too. Just follow Angela England's advice, and your kitchen will be running smoothly. And if you've got a few little ones who loose interest in cooking, there's an app for that. Gigi Ross has rounded up five apps that are sure to keep little hands busy.

Sometimes, we forget that holidays can leave us feeling frazzled. Counteract these feelings of stress with the best thing in the world — the laughter of little ones; use Lissa Coffey's silly jokes to spark a fit of giggles. If your tablescape calls for a little something, then why not let the kids tackle a crafting project? And if you're in need of ideas, here are six activities that will add a little oomph to your table, while teaching children about gratitude.

reuben and matzo
Image via Kelly Pugliano and Becky Rosenthal

Turkey Reuben + Matzo Ball Soup

After it’s all said and done, and you’re left with leftovers.

Bring on the leftovers! We've got ideas to make amazing meals out of them.

You don’t have to spend the next few days feeling like you have been eating the same meal over and over again, because we’ve got some great ideas to help you turn leftovers into amazing meals.


Leftover vegetables and turkey or chicken can be crafted into an amazing matzo ball soup. Or you can make a quick and easy meal by creating a mouthwatering turkey and Reuben sandwiches.

I am most definitely making the honey almond cheesecake. How about you, what are you going to add to the Thanksgiving lineup?

What are you looking forward to the most this Thanksgiving?

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Let’s Have the Best EverydayFamily Thanksgiving Dinner

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