Let’s Get Drunk on Each Other

Hey hun, how's it going?

Are you feeling a bit weighted down by the stress of your job, parenting three children, and having a house and multiple futures to plan and pay for?

Me too.

You know what you and I could really use?

drunk on each other
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A night out.

A night out with cocktails.

A night out with numerous cocktails.

A night out where we get drizzzunk.

But, we had one of those recently (woohoo – my birthday celebration) and although we had lots of fun, what wasn't enjoyable was the exhausted hot mess state that was me (and you) the following day.

Ain't nothing fun about being an active, present role model when all you want to do is sleep for two days because your head and your stomach hurt.

So here's what I'm thinking…

I know we need and deserve breaks.

I know we need alone time to work on us.

I know we need things that help us decompress.

I know we need to find reasons to laugh.

And what we really need is to find a way, to do all of these things, that doesn't require a recovery period.

I've found the solution:

Let's get drunk on each other!

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Let's get drunk from each other's touches. From the in-bed morning kiss to the touch on my side while you wait for your coffee, let's get buzzed off each other's physical affection.

Let's get drunk from conversation. Real conversations that are in-person, where both of us are actively listening and engaged. Let's catch a buzz from meaningful dialogue with the one we love.

Let's get drunk on our hopes and dreams for the future — ours and our children's. Nothing provokes giddiness and excitement like forecasting positive experiences yet to come.

Let's get drunk from laughter; let's pass the jokes back and forth and allow for a “silliness high” to take over.

Let's get drunk from the knowledge that we have found our life's partner and soak up the confidence the comes from knowing you have an adventure mate by your side.

It's time we get drunk in ways we won't need or want to recover from.

Are you ready to get after it? I am.

What do you think?

Let’s Get Drunk on Each Other

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