If I Let My Kid Name My Baby, the Name Would Be …

If you let your child name their baby sibling, what would they choose? We asked our Facebook community what their kids had to say. These answers are good!

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Kayla T. My daughter wanted us to name our son Abacus. Couldn't do it! I told her if it was a girl, her name was Emma, and if it was a boy, Landon. She pointed at my tummy and said, “It’s Landon”. Sure enough, it was a boy, and he is named Landon!

Amy F. My children named their soon-to-be little brother Batman Flash. They told everyone that that was his name. One of them even told his kindergarten teacher that she had to call him Bruce Wayne because that was his “school friendly” name. This went on for my entire pregnancy. So I thought nothing of it when the teacher came up and congratulated me on little Batman. At least, not until the kindergarten teacher asked me if the baby's name really was Bruce Wayne! (We named him Mason Edward by the way.)

Megan T. My 3-year-old wants to name his soon-to-be-born baby sister Crocodile Owl or Stinky Dog … I think I'll have to keep the naming privileges for me and his daddy!

Shaunna and Jason K. My 6-year-old son wanted to name his little brother Frankenstein!! He is still upset that we didn't pick his choice for the name.

Tee W. Since I've been pregnant, my 3-year-old has wanted to name the baby Jonjin if it was going to be a boy. Well, he will be a boy, and soooo not going to be named Jonjin. I asked her where she got the name from (after giggling a bit at the sound of it), and she replied matter-of-factly, “From my mouth!”

Samantha C. My sister is due to deliver my nephew any day now and my 2-year-old niece has named her little brother “Playdough.” So, since my sister and brother in law still haven't settled on a name for him, we have been calling little man “Playdough” thanks to his sister. Hah!

Michelle B. My 8-year-old son, Aidan, wanted to name the baby Nadia if she was a girl. It's his name spelled backward.

Beth H. My 3-year-old son wanted to name his baby sister Monster Head. Don't worry we named her Sara.

Markita Z. My son wanted to name the baby Dyson for a boy, but now that he knows it's a girl he calls her Rosie Flower. So Rosie has been her nickname since we found out we are having a girl. 

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Lindsay R. My son wanted his baby sister to be either Cat or Elephant. Her name is Elena Kathleen. And we didn't even plan it that way! (Get it? Ellie Kat!)

Nancie Q. We gave our son a list of about 10-15 names that we had narrowed down and let him pick from that list. But, without the list, he wanted to name his brother Tree.

Jennifer C. My son kept telling everyone her name would be Cheese. But when he met her at the hospital, without any prompting from us, he looked at her and said, “She doesn't look like cheese. She's Sophia.”

Andrea K. My five-year-old wanted to name our baby “Gumball Head.”

‪Natalie S. I was a teacher when I was expecting my first child, so I asked the kids in my kindergarten class what they thought I should name my soon-to-be baby boy. Most of them wanted to name him after their brothers or dads, but the top pick was Costco Lukeskywalker. It still stands out in my mind!

La Wauna C. My niece picked the names Bumblebee (for a boy) and Flower Rose (for a girl). They still call my son Bumblebee!

So, what would the new baby's name be if you let your kid name the baby?

What do you think?

If I Let My Kid Name My Baby, the Name Would Be …

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