Labor Fear #1? Going #2

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From the moment that you see those two little pink lines and the realization sinks in that you are actually pregnant, you start to worry about the delivery. The baby has to come out somehow! You spend your whole pregnancy with the thoughts of your delivery in the back (or front) of your mind: birthing techniques, labor options, medical interventions, etc. One of your main worries might be one of the most common ones… the fear of having a bowel movement while you are trying to push your gorgeous little baby out. Yes, I am talking about pooping and if it’s your biggest fear in labor, you are not alone.

When I realized that I was actually pregnant again, I started freaking out thinking about labor and all that it includes but my main fear is going to the bathroom. You might think it’s silly, or you might totally identify. Some women are very open with their bodies and others just aren’t and sometimes you can’t control how you feel about it. I kept reading online how you won’t care when you are actually pushing or you need to just get over the fear and do what needs to be done. For some of you, that’s great that you can just let it go… I wish I could! But some of us just can’t drop the fear as easy as that. I totally cared, even while I was pushing, and it made it nearly impossible for me to push.

I have been married for 9 years and my husband knows every single thing about me. We do everything together, but he has never seen me go to the bathroom! I didn’t want him to witness it happening while our son’s were being born so I spent a lot of time figuring out how to keep it from happening! If you are worried about it, don’t let anyone make you feel like you are only nervous because your partner isn’t supportive (mine certainly is!), or that it’s because you don’t have an open enough relationship (again, mine is fabulous!), some people just aren’t ok with sharing those moments with a room full of people and that is ok!

Get it out early

If you can, while you are in early labor, try to go to the bathroom. Don’t strain yourself because it will only cause swelling “down there,” but if you can go easily, then make sure to do that.

Rely on your body

For many women, your body will clean itself out in the days leading up to labor. You might find yourself having loose bowel movements for a couple of hours or even days before you start having real contractions.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated in the days and weeks before labor will help you to be more “regular” and help you to clean yourself out more easily before it actually becomes time to push.

Consider an enema

You can talk to your doctor about doing an enema at home while you are in early labor if you are really freaked out by the idea of going poop on the table. The hospital will also offer you one most of the time if you request it. Just talk to your doctor before the time comes to see when he/she would like you to have the enema.

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Talk to your doctor or midwife

Tell your doctor about your fear and see if they have ideas about how you can avoid it. Don’t let them tell you “it happens all the time, it’s no big deal, I don’t even notice” or any of that if it doesn’t make YOU feel better! Be honest with them and tell them that you are still worried because even though they are ok with it, you aren’t and you would like to know how to possibly avoid it. See what they think is the best option for you and if nothing else, at least they will know that it is your fear.

Keep it in perspective

Remember that you honestly probably won’t even know if you go or not, the baby will be creating so much pressure that it will all feel the same. The doctors and nurses are trained to handle this stuff, they see it all the time and they really will clean it up before you even notice a thing.

Talk to your significant other about your fear too, let them know that you are really nervous about the possibility of going to the bathroom while you are pushing and ask them not to tell you that it happened, if it does. It will help for everyone to have a “vow of silence” of sorts about this particular thing.

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In the end, everything will be ok. Hopefully, you won’t poop on the table, but if you do, you will have a gorgeous little baby and that will make it much easier to get over it. Everyone else in the room will see it for what it is, natural, and they will move on from it immediately… try to do the same. Good luck!

What do you think?

Labor Fear #1? Going #2

Sarah Vickers is a happily married, stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of 2 young boys. She is also a gestational surrogate to 4-year-old twin girls and is currently pregnant with a traditional surrogate baby girl who is due to arrive sometime in March of 2013. Sarah is addicted to all things pregnancy-related. She has spent the last several years studying pregnancy,birth, Invitro-fertilization and is also a certified Doula. Sarah also runs a personal blog called Moose and Tater- her sons' nickn ... More

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  1. gonnabmomma says:

    didnt realize it was that big of a deal but lots of people are scared to death that its gonna happen to them! well its the nature of things get over it already

  2. Jody says:

    I think about think about this also! I figure they have probably seen this happen a million times……so what’s one more if it happens to me!!!

  3. Sidrah says:

    Labor is a nightmare .. but once you get hold your baby .. you forget about it right there!

  4. Marina says:

    I used to be labor & delivery nurse for almost 9 yrs. Your L&D nurse will take care of you. Usually when you push some amniotic fluid also comes out so, if you push out any feces the nurses will discretely cover your anal region and wipe that off everything. This should be a last thing anyone should be worried about. This means that you are pushing effectively with whole perineum.

  5. Audabme says:

    I thought everyone was given an enema…shows how much I know 🙂 Hopefully I can get an enema

  6. lol this is one fear that flips on and off. Sometimes I really think about it and everything else thats expected. Half the time it doesn’t matter. Can’t wait to meet my son.

  7. jamie1966 says:

    Well i know the fear, i’m on bundle of joy number 3 and i really hope it dont happen!

  8. allie_cat says:

    i was more worried about what my mom was gonna say and then worried when the time came to deliver my lil boy

  9. Taunya says:

    I worry about this also

  10. Maria says:

    First baby here, and at first I was only worried about my lady parts tearing up and how they were going to heal but now I’m exited to know I also have to worry about going #2 on myself TT___TT

  11. Amber says:

    I’m on baby #3 and I still worry about it! Luckily ivwas induced with my first 2 and was able to use an enema before. I didn’t line using it really but the feeling if knowing i wouldn’t go on myself was nice lol 🙂

  12. MamaCat says:

    I was worried about that too but I have no clue if I did or didn’t. And from where my husband was holding my knee up by my ear I doubt he would have seen it anyway. And since he comes and talks to me while I go sometimes I don’t think it would bother him. It is a legitmate fear though for sure!

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