Kristin Cavallari Says the Pain Was Worth It

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It is no secret that childbirth hurts – a lot – but if you ask most moms, they will tell you it was all worth the pain. Kristin Cavallari agrees. She recently told People that even though her pregnancy was relatively problem free, the pain of labor was something new.

The former reality star chose an epidural but says, “The pain was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It was so painful but a different kind of pain — because I knew we were going to meet our son. It was worth every minute and I’ll do it again.” She went into labor the day before her due date and had to call fiancé, Jay Cutler home from the Chicago Bears training camp.

I think the emotions that happen after giving birth are an amazing thing. While I know deep down that labor was painful, if asked today I could not really tell you why or how it was painful. It seems the joy of having your child here erases all the painful moments leading up to the birth.

I was recently talking to a coworker who had a baby about 6 weeks ago, we were talking about labor and how having the baby was worth it. She said she does not even remember the pain, just the pure joy. I experienced both types of childbirth, first and third children were c-sections, while my second was a VBAC. Even though the pain extended beyond a few hours due to my c-sections, I still do not think of that pain in a negative way.

Do you have a strong memory of the pain of childbirth?

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Kristin Cavallari Says the Pain Was Worth It

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  1. Profile photo of michelle michelle says:

    I stayed at home for as long as possible before going into the hospital. I went drug free with both of my girls. While having my first, I was at the hospital for about 4 1/2 hrs before she was born. With my second, I was barely there an hour. The experiences were SO different, but the one thing that was the same for both was "the ring of fire". However, I do feel like I handled it A LOT better the second time around. 🙂

  2. Profile photo of Virginia Virginia says:

    All 3 of my children came via C-section. My youngest came after 10 weeks in the hospital in and out of full blown premature labor. I remember the pain with each like it was yesterday (and all of my children are now adults) but the most vivid memory I have is seeing each with out being under anesthesia for the first time. Even being in the NICU and not being able to hold them for weeks that first visit was pure bliss….

  3. Profile photo of mommyof2tobe mommyof2tobe says:

    My epidural wore off right before my delivery due to a faulty machine with my first one and so i remember every last bit of pain of delivering him…

  4. ohhh yes… pain is worth it .. babies are blessing from God women who can have them should appreciated like me i can’t wait to have my lil princess


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