Kitchen Safety for Your Little One

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The kitchen area is chock-full of dangerous appliances, electrical outlets, and sharp utensils and corners that can hurt a baby’s delicate skin. Not to mention the countless hazards produced by cooking, including floor spills, dormant bacteria, or harsh cleaning chemicals. A curious child will gravitate towards anything that peaks their interest, and dangers are often far too interesting. This makes kitchen safety very important!

With the right planning and safety precautions, the kitchen can become a worry-free zone for you and your baby. Here are some creative and original solutions that help keep your child safe in the kitchen.

Keep Sharp and Toxic Objects Out of Reach

Young children are naturally curious and imaginative. This means that if they can reach it or play with it, they probably will. Kitchen Safety 101 says anything toxic or sharp should be kept out of your young child’s reach.

While guarding your lower cabinets with child locks is a good idea, the best idea is to put cleaning supplies in high, hard-to-reach cabinets, like the ones above the fridge.

Remove Choking Hazards

Kitchen magnets are easy for toddlers to pull off appliances and stick in their mouths, making them a choking hazard. Replace those tiny magnets with magnified vinyl pads that’ll hold up your photos without leaving you worried.

Invest in Outlet Covers

Outlets are another dangerous thing that children are very attracted to and love to stick things in. Get an outlet protector, like plastic covers that slide in, that’ll keep them from playing with electricity.

Also, don’t keep anything plugged in that’s close to the ground (and their reach). Unplug immediately after use and re-cover the outlet to keep them from yanking on the cord. 

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Place Corner Guards on Countertops and Tables

The kitchen is full of sharp edges on tables, countertops, and appliances. To avoid a nasty head crack or cuts, put soft corner guards on the edges of your counter. That way, when baby inevitably climbs around, they’ll be safe.

Invest in Child Locks

Child locks and door latches are your best friend. One popular (and hassle-free) type of child lock for parents is a magnetic cabinet lock. Parents just need to pass the key over their locked cabinets to get them to open.

Get a Kitchen Safety Pen

By creating a safety pen or gated play area next to the kitchen, within sight, you can watch your kids while they play and keep them out of the way of slips, spills, and heat. Fill the pen with toys and games to keep your young one occupied while you cook.

As your child grows older and more independent, you can begin to give them more freedom in the kitchen and establish kitchen rules with your kids.

If you want more ideas and resources on how to keep your little loved one safe in the kitchen, check out this useful guide on HomeAdvisor. Willing to pay someone else to babyproof the area? Hire a trustworthy professional to do a thorough job to help keep your child safe at home.

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