Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Woes


It is no secret to most women that pregnancy is hard, however it seems that reality starlet Kim Kardashian did not get the memo. While on the red carpet for Tyler Perry's Temptation, a movie she appears in, she opened up about how much different pregnancy is than she thought.

“Being pregnant is not as easy as my sister made it look or as my mom has made it look,” Kim said. “I like to be active…but I've been chilling out. I took a week off, just to rest and it was amazing.” She went on to talk about her pregnancy cravings and aversions; she loves raw carrots but cannot stand chocolate. She also talked about how she and Kanye West are making time for each other.

Kim has not had an easy pregnancy by most standards, the stress of her pending divorce from basketball player Kris Humphries cannot be easy to handle and her jet setting lifestyle has given her a miscarriage scare at least once. According to some sources, in addition to running a few companies and making the rounds for her reality show, the star, who is famed for her generous curves is also trying to keep her pregnancy weight in check, working out with at least two different trainers.

While I think we all know deep down that pregnancy will be different, I think sometimes we allow our emotions and want for a baby to overshadow the reality of the situation. I for one was never a pregnant woman who tried to make being pregnant look easy. While I didn’t complain to everyone I came in contact with about my aches and pains, I did not hold back if asked how I was feeling.

The same is true if an expectant mother asks me what pregnancy was really like. It is a hard, emotional, and draining nine months. There is no glamour, in my opinion, with being pregnant. However, I think we as women can make it easier on ourselves by taking good care of our needs when we are pregnant, especially with our first babies when there is not another child we have to tend to all the time. I hope Kim takes her friends and doctors advice to slow down, because you are only pregnant with your first child once.

Was your pregnancy harder than you thought it would be?


What do you think?

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Woes

Heather Montgomery is a freelance writer with a background in Elementary Education and an almost embarrassing need to read celebrity gossip. As a work-at-home mom to three children, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She was married in 2003 and currently resides in Florida. ... More

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  1. nydia rivera says:

    I found out I was pregnant at 13 weeks… Same reason as the other lady, Theresa, abnormal periods. When I did find out, only my parents and hubby’s parents and my sisters knew until I was 22 weeks because I only gained 9 lbs until then and I had a flat tummy.. Then BAM!!! Belly?!!!!!!!!!! And everyone knew. But she was so easy just got heavy at the end, gained 29 lbs total.. Baby boy??? Morning sickness ?? More like life sickness everyday until about early afternoon or it would just switch up. I couldn’t eat my favorite roll… He hated it, some healthy foods made me so sick I lost 5 before I stopped. I couldn’t exercise beyond walking quickly with 2 lbs on arms and no weights on legs… It was so weird and then when he was born… Lol you’d think I was a pro.. But no he made me learn breast feeding and changing and sleeping and carrying and all of it HIs way,

  2. Aiden says:

    So far all I have are lazy days, can’t walk fast anymore, can stand too long or else I am going to be hit with a backache

  3. Theresa says:

    My first pregnancy with my daughter was a breeze , as a matter of fact we didn’t know I was pregnant with her for 5 months….Uh yeah how was this you ask ? My period was always off schedule , and there were times I would skip months so we didn’t think anything different . I also didn’t experience any type of symptoms except fatigue !

    I’m now pregnant with my second child and again no problems , although now at 33 weeks it’s getting harder to sleep and I’m much heavier which is taking a toll on my legs and ankles ouch

    The best advice that I can give is….Stay away from negative people , and please don’t watch those pregnancy shows which put fear and or discomfort in your spirit that you may not have thought of .
    Eat right , drink proper fluids , take your prenatal and do your research , although while searching if anything isn’t a concern don’t make it one ! Finally you may have to invest in a tee shirt that says…My belly don’t touch ! My mom always said 2 things people can’t resist to touch is a pregnant belly and a bald head….Lmbo

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Every pregnancy is different. I have three boys and each one was a whole new set of symptoms and feelings. I was sick with my first, fine with my second, and my lil man was complicated. But I wouldn’t change a thing. It may not be glamorous, but you have to make the best of any life
    situation. Its exhausting and crazy (especially in the third trimester).

  5. same here!!! 7 months pregnant with my 3rd child and I thought I had this pregnancy stuff down… Guess not, It’s been a very rough pregnancy! Excited that I am getting closer to the end though, that is for sure!

  6. Nrappoport says:

    This pregnancy (my 3rd) is definitely the hardest 9 months I have ever had. I have had all of the side effects and sickness and exhaustion. I am now 7 months and contracting on a daily and I am over it. Thank the Lord, this is my last time.

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