Kids and the Mobile Technology Takeover


Do you feel lost if you lose your cell phone? Is your house full of iDevices? Do you talk to your friends more online than in person? With all the technology that surrounds us each day, it’s no wonder that younger and younger children are becoming proficient at using electronic gadgets. But is this a good thing? Take a look at some of the stats and decide for yourself.

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Kids and the Mobile Technology Takeover - EverydayFamily

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  1. Profile photo of Goonybird Goonybird says:

    I think that cell phones are a horrible addition to society. They are so overused, they have ruined communication skills, and are a real menace. Life should be so much simpler than it is…

  2. I am so over the gadget nonsense. Every time my family and I go out to eat we always see at least one table where everyone sitting there is on a cell phone or Ipad and not speaking to each other. It’s sad. And I am sick of texting, Why does a simple 30 second phone call have to be chopped up into a confusing 30 minute text conversation?


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